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Who has stretched Collection 2016/17 waited Bassettis new autumn / winter, will be redeemed-it’s here! We have the beautiful linens, cozy throws, versatile Einrichtungsfoulards, precious kimonos, beautiful tablecloths and gorgeous cushion covers in our shop and online store. Bassetti has new exclusive designs created for the collection “Invito a Palazzo”, but also two very popular from the previous collection launched in new color compositions. Let yourself be surprised…

The new Bassetti Fall / Winter Collection 2016/17

Your ideas and inspiration, the designers picked this time in the 18th century. The journey from France and Italy, on the Eurasian mountains between the Black and the Caspian Sea, to Central Asia. In particular, there were the materials of the magnificent robes of kings and queens and the fine men and women of the aristocracy, stood with their elaborate embroidery and ornaments, the inspiration for the newly designed creations. But the traditional, regionally typical clothing styles gave a lot of momentum for the different designs.

For the catalog pictures of this year’s autumn / winter collection of bedding sets, to Bassetti chose a very special place-the Palazzo Serbelloni in Milan. At the end of the 18th century, originating from the 17th century, majestic and great design by Simone Cantoni was enlarged in neoclassical style. Its facade shows to over 3 levels evenly spaced windows that are interrupted in the middle by a box and topped by a Typanon on columns and pillars.

An historic building with a long history, which seems to have come to life on the top floor of this ancient Villa almost back. The neoclassical style in which ideas from the ancient Greek and Roman, Baroque and Classicism and neo-classical Renaissance elements were added, coined this term.Expressive in its ornamentation, its typical arcades or the symmetry of structures. Many different craft guilds were active here and decorated the halls with ornaments and decorations-fascinating wooden floors, Ionic columns made of clay with their snail-like volute capitals, marble, doors with wonderful intarsia and marquetry, opulent stucco and gem imitations.

In his most famous chamber, the “Sale napoleoniche” which got its name from the residence of Napoleon and Josephine Beaurharnais that family Serbelloni readily and frequently celebrated grand festivals and glittering balls with the illustrious company of the nobility, but also cultural, as theater performances or concerts were a welcome change. The latest addition is the restored chandelier in this room, which was implemented in cooperation with the known restorer Marta Polese and the company Lasvit.

Noble linen

The noble material of this quality bedding is 100% fine Mako-satin made sanforised cotton. An absolutely skin-flattering fabric that feels incredibly soft. As one looks forward to going to bed. In addition, it is still super easy to care: At 60 ° C machine washable and dryable even. And so you have the most out of your bedding, we recommend the use of mild detergent. In addition, the materials are light-and wash-fast. Bassetti processed for its materials only resistant colors, which is dyed or printed on the cotton.

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In addition to the device Granfoulard cloth Plaid is probably the most famous product of Bassetti. Supple, soft and cuddly , it can be used in many situations. Whether for a cozy evening on the couch or just for decoration, as a light blanket in the summer or on vacation, on a sun lounger or in the hammock-a Bassetti Plaid is not only beautiful, but also practical. A Bassetti Plaid enriched with style and imagination any room, whether with oriental patterns from 1001 night or light Mediterranean decor-its unique design and the high quality speak for themselves.

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The great universal cloth, whose field of application is so wide. You can use it as a tablecloth or curtain fabric, as a room divider or Throw your couch, on the terrace as awning or beach towel, it is suitable as a light bedspread or blanket on hot nights.
You get the Granfoulard means cloth in several sizes and different color variations. Take advantage of this diversity to emphasize your personal style.

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With the elegance of Bassetti Kissenhüllen set stylish fun to your living spaces. You can complete so that the design of your other Bassetti products and thus generate a feel-good atmosphere. The distinctive Italian flair, the many designs and the high quality, make the pillowcases a perfect addition to your interior. Both on the couch and on the bed, they provide comfort and atmosphere. They are available in different sizes.


With an elegant kimono by Bassetti, you are at home or always dressed tastefully in spa vacations. Made from the finest mako satin fabricated, it is a stylish alternative to the bathrobe. Add to that the high wearing comfort and good body climate supplement the benefits. They combine Italian design and Japanese tradition to an exquisite garment that combines the culture of the Far East with the needs of the West. Treat yourself to the luxury of this noble Bassetti Kimono.

The New Designs

As already mentioned, were materials from the 18th century the focus of designers. These included both the apparel fabrics royal robes, as well as materials antique-style furniture and rich wall hangings. Typical of these were for example Damask (a version of the satin weave), Brocade (eg with gold or silver threads), rips, velvet and corduroy. Silk was available in different versions; as Taft (leash cohesive), Atlas (Duchesse Satin) Faille (Rips) and as damask, brocade, moire (an optical effect similar to a wood grain or water waves). The ornaments with embroidery and delicate detailing the motives, are a combination of floral patterns, soft hues and Aparter graphic lines.

Bassetti understands like few others, historical decors and their visual characteristics to combine avant-garde with new elements. The Palazzo Serbelloni was a firework of inspiration for the designers.


The taffeta design is taken from the oriental costumes of the 18th century.The individual motifs are mirrored and repeated in the vertical direction.This creates a wonderful ensemble, which can delicately yet nuanced its job. The dreamlike colors can radiate the design and give each room a comfortable ambience. The beautiful linens in pink brings 1001 night in your bedroom. Taffeta is available in the colors aquamarine V2, Gold V4 and rose quartz V8.

Taffeta plaid in V2, V4 and V8, Taffeta Einrichtungsfoulard in V2 and V4, taffeta cushion covers in V2 and V4, Taffeta Kimono in V2, V4 and V8, taffeta tablecloths V2 and V4, taffeta bedding in V2, V4 and V8.


With Sangallo Bassetti offers a design that will make every heart beat faster romantics. Floral patterns as tendrils, studded with ornaments in the look of fine lace from Valencia, enter the design that extra mile. The Einrichtungsfoulard with romantic floral pattern provides comfort to any room. Sangallo is available in two colors: purple and Amaranrot V1 and in blue and sky blue V3.

Sangallo Plaid in V1 and V3, Sangallo Einrichtungsfoulard in V1 and V3, Sangallo bedding in V1 and V3.


The Lacca design is inspired by antique lacquers from China, floral tendril pattern and traditional wood inlays. The The tendril pattern form on a nice middle part whose inner border and an outer border edged with geometric patterns. The design is available in three wonderful Farbvaianten: China red V1, China Blue V3 and dove gray V5.

Lacca Plaid in V1, V3 und V5, Lacca Einrichtungsfoulard in V1, V3 und V5, Lacca Kissenhüllen in V1 und V5, Lacca Tischwäsche V1 und V5, Lacca Kimono in V1, V3 und V5, Lacca Bettwäsche in V1, V3 und V5.


Various African patterns and geometries are the hallmarks of the designs Ebano. Taken they were fine wood inlays which can be found in Italian Palazzo Serbelloni near Milan today. With the noble array of designs and style elements the design succeeds in bridging the gap between today and yesterday. The exquisite kimono in Brown / Gold / Orange is an elegant robe in luxury quality. Ebano there in a cooler color variations BlueV3 and warmer in brown to orange V9.

Ebano Plaid in V3 and V9, Ebano Einrichtungsfoulard in V3 and V9, Ebano Kimono in V3 and V9, Ebano bedding in V3 and V9.

Torma Line

A color spotting tower as the Turmalinsteine. Enchanting paisley motifs and small strip with vibrant colors in many varieties, give a colorful, s i regularly repeating pattern of . Squares in the border and in the middle part The design is in the color variants V3 blue and Azur, V6 dove grayand gold and in V9 mud and amaranth.

Tormaline Plaid in V3, V6 and V9, Tormaline bedding in V3, V6 and V9.


A flower arrangement of intertwined exotic and oriental flowers that recalls the splendor of cherry blossoms in spring. Edged is all with wide border strips, in an expressive color combination. The floral Ramage move waving at a Fong of small geometric designs. This decor is entirely consistent with the splendor of the Palazzo Serbelloni.

Amarilla plaid in shades of blue n V3 and V9 reds, Amarilla linens in shades of blue and V3 reds V9.


A floral kimono motif reminiscent of lotus petals and mandalas and many palaces adorns. Surrounded by a filigree Ramage on which to settle cranes, which is a symbol of happiness and long life. Stylish borders, which are many delicate “Flowers Scores a” richly decorated and equipped geometric motifs.

Loto Einrichtungsfoulard in Red V1 and gray / purple V5, Loto bedding in Red V1 and gray / purple V5.


As the most famous brand in the industry sets high standards Bassetti. The traditional Italian company from Italy manages to put their creativity and quality demonstrated every time. Starting with the best ingredients, the varied designs and color schemes, about the sophisticated processing, to the exclusive final product for the customer. Anyone who has ever slept in linen Bassetti, will no longer ask why this is so popular. It is the perfect combination of quality, design and innovation at the highest level. The high-quality home furnishings leave nothing to be desired. Each piece looks and feels the quality and attention to detail. The Palazzo Serbelloni in Milan was exactly the right venue to showcase this collection. The best way to convince yourself.

You can see all the new products of the autumn / winter collection 2016/17 in our online shop and in our shop in Wesel. We would be pleased to be able to advise you-whether by phone or e-mail or directly on site. Thank you again for taking the time to look around on our blog.