Grendha Shakira Sandals: Summer Collection

Grendha innovated and for the first time brought to the image of the brand an international personality, the sensual and famous Latin singer Shakira. The  Grendha Shakira Cigana Latina collection   is now available in shoe stores and is inspired by the Latin style and the gypsy culture.

Two models are available, both without heel(in the creep style) one of them is slipper style, simpler. Another model also without heel has mooring behind, so it was denominated sandal. And each of the models has five color options: cerise, gold, purple, black and green. The black color is ideal for anyone who wants to use in the daily routine without worrying about color combinations, since black is basic and will match with all other colors, which may be in the dress printed on a blouse of stronger colors.

The Gypsy Shakira collection of sandals from the Grendha brand brings the charm of stones embellishing each one, which leaves the look tidier, in addition to details that further enrich the piece.

The sandals are part of the collection for the summer 2011/2012 and the average prices are from $ 39.99 for one and $ 34.99 for another. The Grendha website shows all the available options, with photos of the colors and models, you can enlarge the image and see more details of the sandals and even tell a friend. Check everything by clicking here. Online you can buy the sandal, by the search site buscapé .

Very comfortable and modern sandals can be worn on a day-to-day basis or in a relaxed environment such as a family barbecue. Because they are without a heel, they look good in shorts, skirts or long dresses, or even go to the beach, whenever the look is casual. Being open, it is a good suggestion for the summer and especially who lives in the hottest regions of Brazil.

Advertising on television

Recorded in Russia and with scenery of the marvelous sea, the product commercial is already being broadcast on television, but if you have not seen it yet you can check it by clicking here.

Child model

There are models of the same line in the collection of adults, a charm for daughters who want to imitate Mom!

Do not wait, secure your sandal and enjoy the beauty of the  Grendha Shakira Latina Cigana  collection and the familiar comfort of the  Grendha  sandals!