GV IP Cameras

These GV IP Cameras are equipped with many technologies such as Progressive Scan CMOS, Dual Streams H.264 and MJPEG, can reproduce up to 20FPS at 2048X1536 without mentioning that they are very resistant to Vandalism and Full protection against contact and penetration of objects, Protection Against water immersion up to 1 meter in less than 30 minutes, this type of technology is becoming more and more accessible to small and medium-sized stores and commerce.

GV IP Cameras

GV IP Cameras are ideal for Football Stadium, Sports Venues where it will accommodate enough people and requiring an image with better quality and greater security will not be any impact, Spray does not affect the same because it has an alarm against such violations We will not run out of camera or no picture so easy.

IP And other more features for non-talking connectivity that has SD Card slot with 31 web interface language.

With applications in GV-NVR systems, GV-System, GV-Backup Center, GV-Recording Server, this technology in surveillance and one of the best that is having in the market at the moment without mentioning that it is an important investment for any company at the end of Security accounts is never too much.

The practicality that is provided to IP camera access through the internet is very great because we can access it even by an Iphone, Ipad, Android Smartphone or Tablet are means of viewing the camera image if any type of event happens is much more Easy to be alarmed or greatly reduces the number of assaults in any facility.

Today on the market we have the Geovision which has a complete line of IP cameras GV super sturdy and intelligent for its customers giving full support of their products.