Harvest Autumn Garden Tablecloth

The beautiful summer days in the garden and beer garden will gradually end, and so we want us indoors again do right pleasant.

The seat dining table plays a supporting role. A well-set table is the center of incredible encounters. If outside the wind whistles around the corners, we sit with friends over a glass of red wine at dinner, on Sunday he becomes the stage of being stretch Sunday breakfast, and for Customised occasions we let ourselves down at the table.

So that we can A restful these beautiful encounters wholeheartedly, has a lovingly laid table just now.

So you set the table with us. Wonderful colors and brilliant colors draw the jacquard tablecloths Sander table + home made. woven quality from fine fabrics form the basis for your table setting. They are available as tablecloths, table runners, napkins and pillowcases in many sizes.

In the new collection for autumn 2015, we have again a wide range of innovations. But see for yourself:

Red and orange are the traditional colors of autumn. They radiate Gemütlicheit and heat. When tablecloth PARK in color 33 they come covered therefore, even a little purple is represented. A classic, stylish pad for a decoration with pumpkin & Co, but also solo a Bickfang who does not need much Tischdeko to positive aufzufallenNatürlich available as a table runner and Mitteldecke. The matching cushion covers, there are also included.

Napkins are not only practical, they are also an essential part of the table decorations and enhance any setting on.

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Appetizing: Next to each place setting find cutlery and bread in a small basket Place. A small bowl of delicious Kräuterqaurk would also fit

Wilde, a souvenir of the walk blackberries, are a vintage table setting for a dinner table autumnal from Vintageinconfidential.com.

Of course, the fall does not always have orange. For people who love bright colors will get their costs. In the Colour 21 – silver presents the series of PARK her soft side. We remember the colors of the sea on a cloudy day. Reason enough to give the autumn table by a few starfish a maritime touch. The rest of the floral decoration comes from the garden. Napkins snd wrapped with easy packing tape and decorated in a glass vessel. A nice idea for your next buffet or the autumn party.

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Who would have thought that starfish and pumpkin tolerated so well? With a faded Hydrangea paniculata together with the napkin PARK is einee rounded it.

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Not so autumnal, but in colors that look good all year through, the series POMPIDOU comes. You like it so much that we her own contribution   have dedicated.