Health Apps In The Test

Immediately to the doctor run who wants, if time tweaks the back or stomach grumbles? Get helpful tips, finally also on the internet or via smartphone app. And dr. Mobile provides not only information: Many apps promise even a short diagnosis, others want to check visual acuity or helping with fasting. Humbug or reliable information? COMPUTER image has asked renowned doctors, the medical benefits of ten of these apps to review.

Information content of the apps

In the following areas you will find helpful tips:

General medicine: After entering the symptoms the app mydoc spits out a diagnosis. Orthopaedics: Who suffers from back pain, informed by app. augenkrankheiten: To verify your visual acuity with a sehtest. oh renkrankheiten: Some apps measure the noise level in your environment or allow comparisons, if you hear with both ears equally well. Dietary advice: Several apps help to capture calories, bread units or anything, what you eat and drink. Addictions: Some apps want to motivate with smoking to stop.

Health apps in the test

10 apps my doc, sleep circle, heart rate meter & co. Diagnosis: Tap once aaah
right, a smartphone does not hundreds of health sensors like the tricorder on the starship enterprise: For building diagnostics are the apps usually on microphone, accelerometer and camera at all and of course on the user input via keyboard. Short iphone there also devices that collect data such as blood pressure or weight via dock connector and to your smartphone send.

The review showed mixed results: So did about detect high blood pressure or fever, insufficient amount of data for determining the quality of sleep. After all: Professional HD or eye test help apps like back at least to collect data for the next visit to the doctor about a pain diary. Good: Most apps recommend medical consultation in serious problems.


Apps for health topics are available but not in the pharmacy without a prescription: You find it in the app store under health and fitness.

Healthy or trashy?

Remote diagnosis doctors are forbidden, because they can have dangerous consequences and also the verified apps according to carefully formulate their diagnoses. The experts, several apps but fell through because they simply have no medical benefits.


Remains: Who feels ill, should be pick up and go to the doctor. Apps but wake the willingness to deal with his health. Under the app providers, there are too many charlatans and faith-healer.