Helmets Know the Types

How to choose the best helmet model for you and your family.

The  National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality(Inmetro) supervises the conformity of helmets sold in national territory according to the Brazilian standard  NBR 7471 . Are four models that can be used in traffic without risk of fines? According to the agency, these models are the only ones that meet the safety criteria determined by law. They are: Integral(closed); Mixed(removable carton); Modular(mobile front) and  Open, without the chore(chin protection). All of them should come with the inside lined with a thick layer of styrofoam, foam and antiallergic fabric.

Still according to Inmetro, the helmet style? Coquinho? Does not comply with the legislation, as it does not provide security for the user. In other words, it’s a fine.

To know which helmet size to choose, simply take the measurement of the circumference of your head: take a tape measure and note the result. Now, just choose the size that is closest to this measure: 56? S(or Small), 58? M(Medium), 60? L(Large) and  62? XL(Extra Large). These are the most common ones, and you will probably have to order a special if your measurements are not contemplated by these models.

Know the differences between models:


It is the most common and easy to identify, since it is a single piece with display. They can warm up a bit, but leave their heads totally protected. A great choice for urban centers.

The   Mx5 Mixs Visor Helmet  comes in black color and has front air intake, giving a refreshment on the hottest days.


It features features of  Integral, but its design(without fixed display) allows the use of special goggles for motorcyclists and protects them from mud and rain. Good for city or for trails.

This model of the Gladiator Plus Mixs comes with antiallergic liner and high impact hull – safer and stronger.


It has a visor with a clip that can be moved, turning into an open helmet. It is a great option for travel, since it allows a refreshment in a stop or sign closed.

The  Ms Style Mixs Visor Helmet  has polycarbonate visor, anti-allergy liner and high impact ABS hull for maximum protection. It also has polyurethane paint and adhesive graphics.


Because they protect only the ears and sides of the face, they are best recommended for short trips, such as going to work. They are generally chosen by design and because they are more airy than other models.