Hotmail, the Best Web Application 2011?

I put it as a question, but the colleagues of the magazine “PC Magazine” has decided: the Hotmail received gold medal as the best web-based service this year ending in another couple of days. Journalists publication put the Google Docs in second place with note 4 (5), while Microsoft’s webmail appears with note 4.5 (also 5, of course).

They wrote the following to defend the arrival of Hotmail as number one in web services:

“Microsoft’s staff has taken seriously the updates from your webmail service leader-in-interest-world, adding unique tools for organizing and cleaning inboxes and active content viewing. […] The new hotmail wins gmail by offering previous messages, a better implementation of the conversation view, the best tools to maintain order in your inbox and remove “gray messages”, or messages that are not spam but not they are priority.”

In fact, Microsoft has brought Hotmail to a new level. He no longer that old – fashioned thing of the past to become a service option email among geeks. Still, I think Gmail is still an impeccable tool with powerful spam filter. It seems like the journalists of “PC Magazine” forgotten the Priority Caixa, which classifies non-spam messages as priority or not. It was presented last year, but until now receives improvements. And the recent redesign of Gmail has a message display in more efficient conversation mode.

Now one thing they are right: the display active content in Hotmail is pretty cool. The message can be manipulated with some forms of interaction than conventional email does not. Only depends on the partnership with the MS web companies in order to do something really integrated.

(YouTube Video)

Each email service has its pros and its cons. Instead of defending one or the other, I leave the question for you: Hotmail is the 2011 web application in your opinion ?

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