How do You Put Eyeliner on

It is said that the eyes are windows to the soul, and, to that effect, the eyeliner is the frame that we want to give to our personality. The preferences that everyone has when it comes to make-up says a lot about our character and it seems that in terms of how we like to roll out the black line on the eyes, we can learn an aspect of our character. We discover below what is our profile!

How do you put eyeliner?

1. No eye-liner

Love minimalism and you are a person who likes to observe things and others. Not very appreciated social media, but you like to be informed. Also love to cook and you know do well via Ehuacom.

2. Only under the eye

You are a confident person and you are not interested in the opinions of others. You dress how you want, you tricks as you want because you do it for yourself. You’re also a reliable person and others trust you.

3. Single line on the upper eyelid

Practical and serious, you’re strong and you do not like crowded places, where you can not stand to think. Prefrisci meet people in the flesh, rather than hear them by phone or by post.

4. Inside the eye

You’re a solitary person,  but when you’re with someone show you open and fair.  Do you love art and you fill the walls of framed masterpieces.

5. Cat eye

Are you someone who deeply loves herself. You feel sexy and you like the groomed men.

6. Cat eye elongated

You are creative and usually have many bizarre ideas but that work. Love the finer things in life, even if you are careful not to spend too much money.

7. Light line (glitter or colored)

Are you a person prudent and you love to shop – especially the purchase of anything that is not black or white. Odes stability and you are looking for constant movement.

8. thick and nuanced Line

You are sociable and meet many eyeliners you cherished your old jeans. Love the pampering and the city where you live.