How do You Remove Wall Stickers

As with placement and in unsticking the wall sticker, there are some simple rules that you must comply. To achieve fast and quality results, we suggest that you consider the following tips from Aceinland:

Peel off Washable Wall Sticker:

1. Soak the wall stickerwith hot water mixed with detergent or special product to remove wall sticker.
2. Go wall stickertwo or three times a soaked sponge and leave for 20 min. To be absorbed by the surface.
3. If necessary, use a metal brush for deeper penetration of the mixture into the wall sticker.
4. Remove wet wall sticker with a sharp knife, being careful not to scrape the top layer of the wall.
5. Once the wall sticker is removed, soak a clean cloth and wipe the remnants of the wall.

Peel Vinyl Wall Sticker:

These wall stickers consist of two layers. When removing the first layer can leave the second as the basis for subsequent coating, but is not recommended. Unstick the second layer becomes while washable wall sticker.

The stickers are removed quickly and easily. Use a hair dryer on medium heat to soften the vinyl and then peel off.