How Much Impact Has Trail Running in Nature

The Gipuzkoa Federation analysed the career development by mountain in the Basque territory, emphasizing that more than half pass through protected areas.

There is no doubt that mountain races can help add value to the natural heritage of the territories where they are held. However, conflict between use and protection of nature, it is foreseeable that there is increased bearing in mind that every time there are more runners and more events on the mountain, often bringing together thousands of people.

A study conducted by the Gipuzkoa (Spain) Federation of mountain, came to the conclusion, that mountain races do not constitute a severe impact on the environment

The conclusions are positive, and also speak very good practices of these competences, the impact never has large consequences, and that while more than half of the races, pass through protected natural areas.

It is estimated at 90% the percentage of organizations that develop their competitions in a way correct and respectful of the environment, although it is advisable that tests should follow guidelines clearer, especially when they pass through areas especially sensitive to the action of man.

Even noted that many careers leave the places and ways by which develops in a better State than was previously to the development of the test, something that speaks very well of how works racing organizations in Gipuzkoa.

Study also highlighted the potential of careers by mountain enhance the economy of economically depressed rural areas and receive hundreds of people who are an aid for their development.

Despite boom living this kind of competencies, the Federation officials believe that number will decrease with the passage of the years “in a natural way”.