How to Apply Baked Blush

Baked blush is a much loved product: illuminates the face and gives an air of romance and treated. But how can we apply this product in an optimal manner? Today we tell you a few little secret that we hope will be useful on how to put the cooked blush!

The blush is just cooked a generally characterized by a high concentration of blush bright and pearly pigments, sometimes embellished with glitter, that add a sparkling touch to make up even easier.

In the market there are many types of cooked blush. The most common are those pearly shimmer, but there are some even a matt effect, although they are less common, and are usually characterized by a form slightly rounded, useful to recognize these products at a glance at the stands of our favorite brands .

How to put perfectly cooked blush? As a product of the rich texture and generally quite pigmented it is good to use a  broad brush to be able to in a widespread application giving light and color to the face. Blush you think that these can also be used in version wet for a super strong effect, which however is not recommended, to apply them.

Before putting the product after removal from the wafer with a brush, you need to remove excess slamming lightly brush: this will avoid applying too much makeup blush on the face avoiding splashes of color and encouraging their nuance.

The baked blush is generally applied in the upper part of the cheekbones to lift them optically and highlight them with pearl effect, which naturally gives the best of himself on special tricks for the evening, when the artificial lights kiss our face and make shine our make-up with baked blush!

Baked blush is perfect for younger girls and for all women who love make up sparkling. In particular, it is recommended for those with dry or normal skin, with few blemishes on the face and skin firm, because unfortunately, as you can imagine, given the pearl finish or satin for this product who has pores in evidence should be creating a lot more to highlight them an unsightly effect.

You like the blush cooked? How do you apply? We hope our tips on how to put the cooked blush can help you, tell us your impressions in the comments!