How to Apply Blush to Your Face Shape

Oval, round, square or elongated, for every face there is the right technique to apply the blush! The blush or blusher, as a powder or cream, is a real smash in beauty because a valid substitute of bronzers, but especially because it is good to give color and brighten her cheeks. Even today, though, we did not understand how it should be applied, some say that the ideal method is to smile while spennelliamo and who opposes and argues that it is better to apply it to face relaxed.

The fact is that according to ehealthfacts there is a technique that can bring out the best makeup and to foreground the strengths of each face. Here you go:


The oval face is quite regular with harmonious proportions and without prominent areas that stand out over others. To apply the blush in how best to use this type of face, it is important to blend it from the height of the cheekbones to the temples.


The round face should be paraded with hairstyle and make-up right, even the celebrities know this very well and try to mask this tiny flaw with interventions that aim to thin their features.So the goal is smagrirlo a little, creating a play of volumes, from blush, which is applied from the temples down to the jaw.


The square face has the most marked features and a rather obvious jaw. The aim, therefore, to soften her features with a smooth application of blush, that avoids further sculpt the features.The ideal is a circular motion from the cheeks to the ears for a super romantic effect.


If your face is stretched, you will have to play with the proportions contrasting verticality. Apply blush on the cheeks horizontally from right to left, without going down, so riequilibrerete forms!