How to Brighten a Leather Jacket

The pieces of leather are charming, but over time will losing brightness and require care to be preserved and remain soft leather avoiding cracks, that’s practical tips on how to brighten a leather jacket.
With the tips will be possible not only shine a leather jacket, but any piece of clothing made of this material as a purse or even a shoe that will look like new.


  1. Knowing a little more leather is used as a noble material for the manufacture of various products such as belts, briefcases, bags, hats, jackets, wallets, among many others and is nothing more than the tanned skin of some animals.
    Their market has been expanded increasingly by the growing fashion trend and your high cost generating derived as the imitation leather, for example; being more used the bovine hides for being more abundant in the market and have the lowest price.
  2. First tip for polishing leather
    Wet a soft flannel in warm water and wring well using it to clean a leather jacket or a new play removing all the dust that has been accumulated for the play have been saved.
    Take a banana peel and the inside this go rubbing all over the leather making circular motions, then wait for about four minutes and rub a sponge for polishing on the leather and remove wires from banana peel which may have been in play.
    This tip on how to brighten a leather jacket or other part is super efficient leaving hydrated leather and shining like new.
    Second tip for polishing leather
    Get .25 Cup a detergent and mix with 4 cups of water in a container, stirring until it foams.
    Soak a soft cloth in the water and clean the leather jacket or other part that is removing all the dust and dirt as possible.
    With a sponge soaked in water to remove any previous mix of leather and dry with a soft towel.
    Then make a mixture of .25 Cup white vinegar with .5 Cup of oil or linseed and mocotó apply in leather with soft, lint-free cloth making Act during the night and using a cloth to Polish the next day.
    The result is a leather jacket with a glare.
  3. Try one of the tips on how to brighten a leather jacket and check your piece to be like new seeing.