How to Brighten up a Little Black Dress

A little black dress, you love it… but some days, you can no longer see it in painting, so his black is monochrome. The solution? Brighten up your dress with well-chosen ideas! A splash of color, a hint of volume, a few patterns or the right makeup,’ s done it!

Wake up a little black dress with color

A United dress is a blank canvas on which you need paint. And to wear a little black dress, the color has all good! Your tools? Scarves, scarves, jackets or tights, shoes and belts… not to mention the King of subtle color, the jewel. Before start you, set a color scheme: three for the bright colors, five maximum for a cameo, or tone on tone. In other words? Dare the mustard yellow jacket with red pumps and a turquoise necklace or marry an almond green scarf with emerald earrings, a bag of bright green and khaki ankle boots! As for the more timid, they will get by with a total look black, bypassed by a pair of neon ballerinas.

The good reasons to boost a little black dress

Mix the colors you anxiety? Sometimes, a single accessory is enough to transform a little black evening dress, as long as it is printed! A sleeve leopard for a glamorous evening look, a long scarf with flowers in loose towers around the neck… or the graphic pumps, the dress is saved. The other thing? If the color scared you, mix tone on tone print: a little black dress, a scarf in grey and black flowers, tights in black satin, gray striped heels… and a touch of brilliance with discreet jewelry. A renewed, dynamic but classic look!

The makeup to revive the little black dress

To offer to the timeless cheap black dress, no need to look too far. A nice red lipstick is enough to brighten it up! Opt for bright colors, from red to orange, through a fuchsia Pink: brightly in targeted keys give style to an elegant dress… and ensure, by the way, the good looks of his owner. Want to go further? Match the nail polish to your lipstick, or play contrasts. Unless you dare to the eyelids of bright colors, to shake the little black dress!

When volumes brighten up the little black dress

No, the color is not the only way to reinvent your style. A little black dress can be transformed by a play of volumes smart, starting with jewelry that arise here! A collar Dickey, a sculpture, a long necklace necklace that move with you? The little black dress accessories change volume reports, up to an accumulation of thick bracelets on the wrists. No need to choose the color if you prefer sobriety, a multirangs necklace gold or silver is enough to bring brilliance. Plan B? A scarf wrapped several times around the neck, or hanging on the shoulders to graze the hem of your dress.