How to Buy a Quilted Jacket

There are always phenomena in fashion after the motto I watch is beautiful . About two years ago I stood at Classico in HH-Eppendorf shop and looked for a woman who tried on summer down jackets. The woman took the jackets not beautiful, but is considering the purchase anyway because of the trend factor. Just the thought is beyond me – but no matter. Back to the topic.

At that time I had the impression that no one needs this kind of cycling outerwear. For such a hermaphrodite with down or padding in the summer, I could not think of a use case. 2014 saw the jackets then more and more and there were often in Hamburg and at the sea weather conditions, in which I thought “Hmmm, so a jacket would be right now. Warms a little, protects against wind and on the arms as opposed to down vest, is fancier than a fleece sweater and a lightweight. “The women saw it as quite pleased. In the south, which is certainly different … but I live now times in northern Germany only.


However me fits and prices have stopped far from the purchase until I accidentally this jacket in Camel Active have seen. The looked at me as if she wanted to me and my husband had to Spendierhosen. A beautiful combination . You know that I like to stretch my figure on the upper body and overall appearance and am glad when the center feels a bit narrow. These criteria are based on the following tips. Who wants other effects, please tips rotates as usual for his needs rightly.

10 tips for buying a lightweight quilted jacket the example size 44

  1. The quilting is divided vertically, so that the upper body from the arm movement seems narrow to the Po. Because the stitching extends to the sides Laeng the body sides appear narrower and longer. The fact that the stitching on the front and back in the waist in narrower paragraphs, the waist emphasizes positive.
  2. The zippers are used on the pockets longitudinally and over the stitching, which also stretches.
  3. The bags have cozy fleece lining that is so light that it does not stand out from the outside to the outside.
  4. The zippers perfectly fit my Roségoldvorliebe in jewelry with the copper color.
  5. The statements on the sleeves are narrow and discreetly kept, so that the view does not act unnecessarily drawn to the hips.
  6. The sleeves can change suddenly when one is a bit too long, and then has olive-colored accents, which are reflected in the hood interior. Depending on the cold and wind strength can be hands selectively hide or show if the sleeves give the original length of the room.
  7. The jacket is slightly longer than the front. To the back is well warmed and the front one sees still not packed out. The jacket is a maximum length for a short jacket and listening to a narrow part of your hips or legs on me.It is good for stretching when clothing and accessories stop at narrow parts of the body. The lateral rounded hem creates a smooth transition to the legs.
  8. The two-way zipper can be opened from the bottom, or if you want to close the jacket just in the middle of a bit while sitting. For me, a must if in addition there no snaps.
  9. The hood is removable. For me it is expected to remain permanently on the jacket. If weather for this jacket, there’s hooded weather. For the combination with a cap or large cloth option is good though.
  10. The jacket is so light that it feels like a second skin fluffy.

Color type for disabled

The midnight blue with the faint glimmer fits well with dark blue jeans I’m wearing the spare time. Continuous color in the vertical stretch further. With olive the lining in jacket and hood, the color of the jacket fits my warm autumn type on. Especially the transition of the color of clothing to the skin plays a major role in the action.

Because the jacket, to the extent possible, conjure up a slim silhouette with a quilted jacket, it is a contribution to fashion 2015 in September the motto narrow-line and Tina Pink Friday . The hood link directly in order to head & neck . More precise considerations of fits in jackets can be found here