How to Buy First Bra

Essential as soon as the breasts pointing under that t-shirt? Maybe not. Wise? It all depends on expectations of your young lady, sometimes shy, sometimes in a hurry to be a woman.

Doctors say there is no urgency before the CAP has, because weight is almost zero and tissue are pushed a bit. The role of the bra is to prevent sagging of the tissues and maintain breasts. It must be remembered that breasts are devoid of internal muscles and maintain only the skin, with micro-muscles. That’s why, past the Cup A must reconsider the question in order to limit the risk of sagging and stretch marks.

What Model?

Initially, bet on cotton, comfortable and without whale models. The TheRightBras offers bras suitable for all young girls in colors and patterns mode. But attention, fashion sometimes plays the temptresses: some brands offer bras from 3 years old! And padded Bras to create a full coverage from 10 years old! Don’t forget to leave time for our girls to grow up and enjoy clothes that does not stigmatize them. Each thing in its time, the time will come…

They are generous, small or medium-sized, the breasts are beautiful. But when it comes to choosing a bra, it is very important to find the perfect size. Don’t forget to check regularly if he is still fit and do not hesitate to renew the lingerie as quickly as necessary.

The Right Size?

Tips to give your daughter so she can navigate these new codes.

1 a measuring tape to measure his chest, just under the breasts. Add 13 cm if it is an odd number, 10 cm if it is an even number. This figure corresponds to the size of her bra.

2. the cup size, measure his chest on the edge of the breasts. The difference between the two indicates the size of the CAP.

·If the 2 numbers are the same, he needs an AA Cup.

·S’ there is a difference of 2.5 cm, he needs an A Cup.

·S’ there is a difference of 5 cm, he needs a B Cup.

·S’ there is a difference of 7.5 cm, he needs a C Cup.

·S’ there is a difference of 10 cm, it needs a D Cup.

·S’ it is 12.5 cm difference yardstick, he needs an E Cup.

Let’s say that the first step is 70 cm, add 10 cm, which is 80 cm. Let’s turn of chest is 85 cm, the difference between the two is 5 cm, it will take a B-Cup. The BRA size will be a 85B.