How to Choose a Bathroom Mat

We do not choose a carpet of bathroom in the same way as a bedroom or living room carpet. According to his custom Prime, it must both absorption, comfort, maintenance, but also aesthetic qualities in order to match the décor of the room.

The ceiling, ceiling fan or fan, is a lighting system hanging from the ceiling in the center of the piece, which brews the air using the rotary movement of the blades. Its double function makes a device at the same time useful, decorative and ecological. Here are some tips for choosing

your future fan and the criteria to be taken into account when buying. Ceiling fan: choose useful ceiling fan is equipped with two to five blades, but their number will especially be matter of aesthetics rather than effectiveness. Indeed, the performance of the fan comes from the pitch on the blades: it is significant (up to 18 °), the more the device is performing. Similarly, the speed of rotation of the blades is above all a matter of taste and comfort. The ideal is to choose a model with three speeds to adjust brewing for the use of the room and to avoid the fans speed. The diameter of the blades is also a criterion to be taken into account. It will depend on the size of the room: 80 centimeters for a piece of 9 to 10 square meters, 100 to 115 centimetres for 10 to 20 square meters and 120 to 130 centimetres for a larger room. You must also consider the ceiling height in order to choose the right length of rod and avoid bump you. Finally, the trigger mode, by Wired switch, using a manual zipper or an infrared remote control is also a criterion to be taken into account for your convenience. Ceiling fan: choose decorative whatever the style of your interior, colonial, exotic, design or rustic type, you will always find a ceiling fan to your liking.Finished the picture very dated ceiling fan, blades dress now in wood, plastic or metal while the luminaire appears in Tulip, globe in the form of spots. In addition to the aspect of the unit, pay attention to the possible noise caused by the engine. Ceiling fan: choose green we think not necessarily, but the ceiling fan is also an effective way to achieve energy savings.Summer, in addition to an air conditioner, he brings a refreshing feeling by circulating the air and helps cool the air conditioning set point. If the fan is equipped with the function winter reversible, associated with a fireplace (or another wood heating system), it allows to bring down the warm air and to standardize the room temperature and, thus, indirectly reduce energy consumption.