How to Choose a Dress for Your Skin Color

Choosing her dress based on its morphology is well! Choose her dress based on morphology and her complexion is even better! So, as we already sent many Councils morpho, this time we help you in the choice of the color of your dress.

STEP 1: determine the heat of your complexion

First to determine the colors that suit you best, it is important to define if you have the complexion rather cold or hot.

To find out chic sundresses, you must meet the following criteria:

What kind of jewelry looks best?

-If you know it’s money, you probably have cold skin.

-If it is gold, you are rather on the warm side.

What color are the veins of your handle?

If they seem rather bluish, you have cold skin.

They are rather greenish, if you have warm skin tone.

What are the colours of lipsticks that suit you best complexion?

If you find that Orange, coral and Red hues are those that you are the better the complexion you have then warm complexion.

Instead if you your skin fits better with a lipstick in pink or purple colors so you have complexion cold.

To finish test of Colorimetry.

After you be completely cleansed, put you in the light of the day in front of a mirror and then place under your face of fabrics of different colors one after the other and watch what happens.

If you have cold skin, cool colors such as Blue, Green, turquoise, purple and gray will make appear your face brighter, your eyes brightest, and your Chin shorter, while warm colors such as Red, orange and the yellow will make your complexion duller, will highlight the imperfections and redness of your skin and lie your face.

Of course, if you have warm skin, the opposite will happen!

STEP 2: determine your season

Now that you know if you have hot or cold skin, it must now determine what your ‘season’. The color bars are divided into 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. The two seasons that correspond to warm colours are spring and autumn, and two seasons associated with are cool colors are the summer and winter.

To determine what season you are, you simply rely on the color of your hair, and associate it with your skin tone:

If you have light hair and complexion hot you are the spring woman

If you have dark hair and warm complexion you women fall.

If you have light hair and complexion cold you’re the summer woman.

If you have dark hair and complexion cold you’re the winter woman.

STEP 3: choose the color of your dress according to your season

And so now you do have more right to the error and you are sure to make the right choice. You will see the result is stunning and you’ve never been too radiant with these colors!

The perfect dress for the spring woman

The perfect dress for the woman fall

The perfect dress for the summer woman

The perfect dress for the winter woman