How to Choose a Nursing Bra

A baby arrival, what bra choose to breastfeed confidently? Some essential tips will help you find the nursing bra that will fit.

How to Choose a Nursing Bra

Nursing bra: when to choose first?

You can choose your first bra for feeding the 8th month of pregnancy . Do not hesitate to buy an extension cord in the back to be able to start wearing it in late pregnancy.
To breastfeed on maternity, choose a nursing bra without underwire cotton or stretch microfiber. Very comfortable, it will adapt to the following sizes variations climbs milk and you can even wear it at night (some brand names: Anita, Bravado, Emma-Jane or Boob design ).

Nursing bra: the e choice of size

One or two weeks after childbirth, your breast reaches its final size. You can then invest in a second nursing bra. Make sure you have good support, essential when the breasts become heavy and sensitive.

Measure yourself if you purchase your nursing bra on the internet and do not hesitate to ask the store saleswomen. If you have a strong chest, make sure the caps are flexible and broad enough (to go around the breast without compressing) and adjusted to your height to prevent mastitis (inflammation of the nipple).

Nursing bra: the e opening system

There are two systems of openings: a clip or a magnet on the top strap of the breast, or an opening between-cap. In both cases, the opening system must allow you to fully discover the nipple to promote skin-to-skin contact with the baby. Belgian brand Mammae has it developed an open scalable system: small opening for breastfeeding outside with discretion and greater openness to nurse at home.

Nursing bra: the e style

Good news for moms looking for good nursing lingerie, specialty brands like Made In Women Mammae, Agathe and his princes and Hot Milk bring new life to the nursing lingerie. No more granny underwear white cotton unflattering, you lace and bright colors!

During breastfeeding you will occasionally show your underwear, so she pretty!

Tips on nursing lingerie were written by Nathalie Fargeon, co-founder of the online store Our site for pregnant women and young mothers.