How to Choose a Ski Jacket

Essential clothing at a ski, ski jacket must protect you in case of bad weather (rain, snow, wind) and retain body heat. A ski jacket must be waterproof, breathable and offer quality comfort. To select the best ski jacket, several important aspects to consider.
How to choose a ski jacket?

The impermeability

It is Schmerber that the impermeability of ski jackets is measured. This is a value that is expressed in mm. As the number of mm, the higher the performance of the membrane will be.

The impermeability works on the following procedure: the fabric is subjected to a water column whose pressure is constant, it is then necessary to measure the height before water pierces the fabric.

-If the value in Schmerber is less than 8000 mm: ‘the impermeability is average .
-If the value in Schmerber is greater than 8000 mm: the impermeability is excellent.

The membrane is a film synthetic material that allows ski jackets can be waterproof. It is composed of small sized pores that allow only water drops but still big enough that the different water vapor molecules from escaping. The best known are the membranes GORE-TEX , The Entrant and Dermizax.

We advise you to identify the unit of measure and pay attention to the seams of jackets that can be taped or simply glued.


It is measured in grams / m² / 24, the number of grams, the higher the moisture transfer is quality .

-If breathability is less than 8000 grams / m² / 24, then this is an average quality.
-If breathability is greater than 8000 gms / m² / 24, so it’s a good quality.

On of many ski jackets, you will find zip vents under the armpits to improve the regulation of sweating as you desire.

It operates on the following process: the water contained in a container (covered by a fabric) is boiled. That’s when we measure the exact amount of water vapor passed through the tissue.

The warmth of the jacket

The choice of the thickness of your ski jacket must be compared to the use you will make. There are three types of different thicknesses:

-Ski jackets without batting: thin jackets that are more for people practicing the ski touring or people who sweat a lot during their efforts.It will not bring you any heat but remains tight and some all weather conditions.

-The ski jackets with padding: Most jackets used by skiers and snowboarders . They are made with different materials as Thermolite Thermolite active, Thermolite Extra, Polyester, Microloft, Thinsulate, STR, Polartec, Merino Wool. These materials help keep the air so that athermal insulating nature can create.

-The jackets: it’s all jackets made of feathers or down. This is a perfect jacket for all those who truly fear the cold. If you go exploring the high mountains, go for the jacket! Jackets with feathers will protect you better from cold.

The more feathers and heat better will be present.

Details that “kill”

To allow you to make a better choice, here are some important features for ski jackets:

-Central zip: closing with a double slider to open from below or from above.

-Outside pockets: zip is bottom firm up. Very effective.

-Internal pockets: the zip is required because you can lose very easily the contents of his pockets. On some jackets, this is a special pocket to be able to store their phone.

-Hood: whether fixed or removable, it must be able to follow the movements of the head. Its width is important to accommodate a cap or a ski mask, for example. Some hoods are sold with a visor.

-Tightening Leads: available at three locations near the hood, at the waist and hem of the jacket.

-Protection Skirt: is located inside the jacket and with a snow protection system that avoids being wet after a fall.

-Cuffs: it is a wrist accompanied by an internal flexible bellows and a handle end.

Linger also on d other details such as seams welded strips, shaped sleeves, fleece chin.

Tricks “vestigineuse”

If you ski occasionally, there is no point investing in a high-performance jacket, opt for a lighter jacket that costs less.
Conversely, if you practice regularly the ski , choose a jacket that will ensure the heat, comfort and resistance to falls and time!

the pleasure of playing sports like skiing undoubtedly going by the fact well choose her outfit .

This is why we advise you to try the complete outfit while many movements. She must not let discover buttocks otherwise take a size well above it.

Get you the fabric reinforcements in position to ankle height to protect the edges of cuts pants.