How to Choose a Watch to Match The Style of Your Clothes

It seems a simple matter, but not quite, constantly get questions from readers of the Male Canal about How to combine the clock according to the clothing style chosen. Some are trying to circumvent the rules and enter any piece in the middle of the look, others just can’t get right the relationship between the style of the clock and the costume. At the end of the day just be common sense and following these basic tips that cover the 5 most common cases when it comes to men’s watch:

Case 1-leather with classic dial Watches

Selection of watches for use with formal attire for canalmasculino using leather jewelry

The combination of Dial Leather Bracelet classic elegant and discrete parts generates, ideal to be worn with suits, costumes and tuxedos. At weddings, or any kind of formal event, the preference is for black Bracelet (with matching belt and shoes, of course), in the work of Brown bracelet are very well accepted and go well with Navy Blue, beige, light grey or Brown, for example.

Complications such as moon phases, Chronograph, perpetual calendar, etc. are welcome, as long as you don’t leave the display very polluted.

See an example of such watches on theeliteswatches.

Formal Wedding in the field by canalmasculino using bracelet jewelry

Case 2-metal bracelet watches with classic dial

Selection of watches for use with formal attire at work by canalmasculino using roman numeral watches

Are very used to working environment, the strap leaves the most versatile model, enabling the combination with more casual clothes, but still has that appeal with a dashing flair brought by the metal, for use with something more serious. Are not considered ideal to accompany the tuxedo or formal events suits, although a lot of people ignore this rule, especially when dealing with classical models and from brands like Rolex and Omega.

See two examples of look for work:

Color Pants–Casual Work by canalmasculino at Polyvore

Very colorful for you? This one goes against the grain and invests in “total black”…

Look All Black Suit for canalmasculino on Polyvore

Case 3–leather strap watches or metal with sports display

Selection of leather and metal bracelet watches for casual costumes by canalmasculino featuring a stainless steel wrist watch

The display can completely change the style of a watch, be it the leather strap or metal. The sporty design and more aggressive suits casual looks, since he behaved with blazer and shirt, even the coolest, with shirt and leather jacket, for example.

Here is an example:

Top-Sider with neutral combination by canalmasculino using MIANSAI

Watches with rubber or silicone bracelet

Selection of watches with rubber strap by canalmasculino featuring the sport wrist watch

These are clearly more suitable to accompany sporting a polo or shirt superimposed by a Twill parka or a sweatshirt jacket with t-shirt. Some models can still compose a look more tidy, but are rare, the vast majority apparently sporto even accessory, especially with digital display.

Of this type we have some more cool templates, like the Gucci digital (above, left), the super sports cars like the G-Shock from Casio (right).

Here is an example:

Casual Look with sporty touch 2 by canalmasculino featuring a brown messenger bag

Watches with plastic or canvas colorful bracelet

Selection of watches nylon strap and plastic by canalmasculino using yellow watches

Modern and colorful, the male or unisex watches nylon strap, canvas, plastic or silicone make the party who likes a cool, so fit in completely random compositions, especially those focused on moments of leisure and relaxation. Are friends of acid-washed jeans, t-shirts with pop prints, bold and sneakers, accessories such as bracelets and necklaces.

In this category come the models of Swatch, Timex and a few copies of Lacoste and the Adidas.

Here is an example:

Spring ride for canalmasculino using diesel watches

Facing a another way we could classify according to the type of clothing or your purpose:

  • Formal work and events black tie, black tie optional or semi formal=classic display leather strap;
  • Semi formal or elegant casual work=steel bracelet with classic dial;
  • Casual work, leisure, ballads=steel bracelet or leather with sporty dial and bold;
  • Leisure, sport and outdoor ride=silicone or rubber strap;
  • Walk, meetings, concerts, beach=colorful nylon strap, canvas or plastic.

Final tips

The more formal watches from the list should be avoided with casual clothes, after all there’s not much sense to use shorts and shirt with a classic leather strap watch, on the other hand, anything below the classic steel strap should not follow a suit, it’s not very wise to wear a costume carrying a social watch with the face of the Academy on the wrist.

Some people mix everything? Yes, there are people who can mix the styles and still do something nice, but most of the time this person takes care not to hurt any dress code, especially at work and at solemn events. If you are starting now to venture “in that area”, I advise you to take it easy.;)

Is having second thoughts about the types of dress codes? Click here to better understand.