How to Choose Dress for Your Body Shape

The dresses, skirts, are considered more feminine parts.

Not only for the reason of practically be used only by women. Of course, we have to give discount to comedians who spend the Carnival dressed as woman and Kilts, those petticoats ecosesses male. The dresses were once the only option women dress, losing space only in the late 19th century, when the women who worked in factories faced society and began to wear pants.

Other than that, the dresses are, and have always been considered part of clothing capable of leaving any feminine, chic, powerful and seductive. And it is no less. A simple black dress, for example, can change depending on the shoe, handbag and accessories that are combined with him. With it, you can go from Missy to a gorgeous woman in just a few seconds.

And for us, wear a dress, especially in a hot country like ours, it’s very comfortable and practical. Don’t be looking in the mirror to see if the shirt is not too tight or too short, if you are combining with the pants, sandal. None of this; just a dress and ready, you can leave the House that will certainly attract looks for where to spend.

But, like any piece of low price sundresses, it is necessary to suit the style and, especially, body format. It’s no use if you inspire that character of the novel who only have wonderful dresses or that high and dummy rail thin if your biotype is not the correct one for that particular model. Rather than tear down, everyone will look at you and think, “Hmm, she took clothes borrowed from someone”. And that is not the intention, right?

So, first of all, you better take a good look in the mirror and take your body the way it is, whether you lean, fatty, high or low. No clothes suits if does not comply with our terms.Not that you have to wear dresses that don’t like just because you are the nominees.There is always possibility of adapting, not counting a few tricks like high heels and belt.

First of all, understand your body. Your hip goes beyond the line of the shoulders? Your waist is well visible. Her breasts are large or small? All this must be taken into account in choosing the best model. You know how you are? So let’s look at the dresses suitable for each one!

Body – inverted triangle

If your shoulders are wider than the hips, you should minimize the size of them. The best way is to wear dresses with wider straps, which will give impression of narrow shoulders. The colors, at least at the top, should be darker and it’s good to avoid large prints, especially if your breasts are large. Otherwise, a bit pattern can help increase a little.

As your hip is wide, choose skirts more. Good tip are the dresses with draping and evasê, that give volume to the bottom. Ruffles are also a great option. Mark the waist is also indicated to harmonize the body. Thus, the bottom will be highlighted, as if they were in the shoulder size. If the dress is wider, put a belt at the hips, giving greater prominence. For those who have this type of body, canoe and neckline strapless are not indicated, as well as the front-only. But, if your breast is not so great and the skirt of the dress is more, this last type can benefit you. Models with shoulders armed should also be avoided.

Body – Rectangle

Shoulders, hips and waist virtually the same size. That’s a rectangle shaped body. And, if your biotype is this, I’m sure you’ll agree that it takes just thinking at the waist. That is, drop the dresses straight and wide, unless you put a belt on the waist. But, make sure of the dress has details on her breasts, in order to increase and maintain the look. In the print category, choose horizontal stripes which, combined with the waist, will greater volume in the parts that should be highlighted in the body.

As well as straight dresses, that have cut into the format of “the” are not indicated. In fact, it will leave you with a few extra pounds, instead of valuing. A valuable tip in this case is always thinking about the number 8, which is how you want your body to stay, right?

Body – Triangle

These are women who have narrow shoulders and hips, the so-called “typical Brazilian”.The intention in this case must be the opposite of the women who has the body of type inverted triangle. What should be in evidence are the breasts, since the butt has a larger size, and, for this reason, draws more attention. So, you should use light colors on top, spaghetti straps, larger prints and most generous necklines too. To make the shoulders wider.

The skirt of the dress should be more straight, not to increase the hips and darker colors. Give preference for lightweight fabrics, which have fluid drape to cover the bottom. Avoid wearing skirts with draped and multiple layers or you run the risk of looking like a member of the wing of Bahian Carnival.


This is the type of body you want for ten out of ten women. Those who possess this biotype can count on harmonic measures, with shoulders and hips virtually the same size and small waist. Okay, for those of the hourglass type, most of the models. But even so, you still have a few ground rules, mainly because these women have breasts and butt bigger, which can give the lack of printing being overweight. If you are short in stature, so caution should be doubled.

The fairer dresses are best suited, for demarcating the curves. Just don’t overdo it; clothes too tight is not synonymous with sexiness. Know quantitate so don’t get so stuck to the body or so loose, like you are with someone else. The correct word for this case is adjusted, that is, following the curves. Abuse of “V”-shaped necklines because they lengthen the silhouette and make you slimmer. The height of the dress should not be below the knees not to flatten.

Better stay away from dresses with lots of detail on the top and bottom. Choose not to plain increase what is already great. Wide belts at the waist will make you diminish in size. The model front-only in your case is ideal.


In General, the body of the oval type is slightly overweight. Shoulders and hips almost on the same line, but the abdomen and waist wider. In this case, the ideal is to hide the belly with dresses made in lightweight fabrics that do not mark the body. Satin, silk and muslin are the best options. To let the shoulders broader, the best are wide straps and sleeves. “V” neckline is also a great ally. If combined with knee-length dresses, lengthen the silhouette, tapering the waist.

Through models are great for defining the waist, just can’t have prints and sparkles, especially big ones, in the region of the stomach. And there’s no point putting a dress off; He will make you look bigger. Bet on tubing for models which, although they are widely used for skinny women, are indicated for those who are overweight. Not to mention that are super stylish.