How to Choose Kid Sandals

Comfortable, easy to wear and trend the sandal is a must in the summer for young girls. What a pair to choose? We tell you everything.

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Summer is coming and your children begin to need new shoes. It’s time to say goodbye to heavy, closed winter shoes and move to new open models which allow the feet to breathe!

Surprisingly if choosing a pair of shoes for you is very easy, choose a pair for your cupcake may be more complicated. Ideally, you need to find a model that combines comfort, so that your children are uncomfortable on a daily basis, strength, to withstand the hours they spend playing at the Park, and also look cool-because our small know very soon what they want and above all… what they don’t want.

Here are some tips to find THE right pair of Sandals for this summer:

  • Check the flexibility: a sports sandal must be flexible to fit little feet always moving of your child, according to
  • Choose the right material: who said that the leather was booked for the winter? A good quality leather sandal can be useful to control sweating.
  • Attention, make sure that all the little accessories are nickel-free, to avoid bad skin reactions.

And for the joy of your Princess, bet on the look!: Choose your chip, for glitter’s favorite color if she likes or iridescent uni for.

… And why not the metal? It is all the rage this year!

This pair of metal Spartans Primigi is leather, loops are nickel free and the inner lining is without chromium VI-ideal for all mothers who are concerned about allergies and skin reactions.

Two of its most important features are the lightness and flexibility : perfect for playing outside in the Sun!

And finally, they are super cool! The metallic color and metallic loops give a touch stylish that, combined to formSpartan, make this shoe a must – have for your little fashionista!

Moms, admit it: you would like it well too, no?