How to Choose Light Fixtures for Bathroom

Lighting of the bathroom must be carefully chosen to use functional and flattering. Installed as it should, it also fosters a relaxing atmosphere.

The general lighting in the room

The bathroom requires a general LED lights, says Remzfamily. To keep the room comfortable and convenient, it is important that it is soft and aggressive, dazzling not its users.Ideally, choose a type ceiling light fixture to be installed in the center of the ceiling. Recessed or track spots which distribute light on the entire room are also recommended.

Extra lighting

Bathroom lighting can also be done with extra facilities. Indirect, the lamps will be used to illuminate a location or a specific object. In General, this luminaire model finds its place near a furniture of bathroom, around the mirror and toilet Cabinet, above the sink or the tub. So, this type of lighting will be provided by wall lights, fluorescent strips, the adjustable spotlights or windows.

Do not neglect safety

Safety standards must be respected in the bathroom, because of the coexistence of water and electricity. No light should be placed at the level of Volume 0, i.e. in the Distribain bathtub or shower tray. Volume 1 located at 2.25 m height above the tub and the shower receptor will only host fixtures of class 3 powered TBT 12 v Volume 2, or space of 60 cm around the shower or the bath up to a height of 2.25 m, will receive 2 class facilities. Meanwhile, other models can be installed at the level of volume 3, which is a space of 2,40 m beyond the limits of volume 2 and 75 cm above the limits of volumes 1 and 2.