How to Choose Motherhood? 9 Tips for a Perfect Delivery.

Having a baby is the most engrandecedora that a couple can prove. For future mothers, this time is even more special. Is when it is in fact, the choice of motherhood in which the mother will give birth to a new life.

The correct, actually, is that prospective parents take home the pursuit of motherhood as soon as possible, even if the birth of the baby still seems distant. Before a choice so important, after all, it takes a lot of research.

Statements, interviews and visits are essential to ensure that this unique event run smoothly. How early is the choice of motherhood or a hospital, lower the chances of deception, if have time even to repent and seek a new establishment.

The prenatal period requires maturity and patience of the future parents. So, to help future moms and dads, we have prepared nine tips on How to choose motherhood!

1) Dad’s involvement

Few occasions over the course of a Union are as representative as prenatal care.Discussing such important issues for the future of the family and the health of the baby, there is a huge step towards the maturity of the relationship. Therefore, it is essential that the partner supports the mother-to-be and participate in all the planning that precedes childbirth, including Search and choose from a maternity store.

2) indicated reliable people

The OB is very important before the choice of motherhood. Your doctor, you must know the structure and the staff of the hospitals in your area. The friends reference is also valid, after all, while the doctors care mainly with technical issues, patients experience the human side of the establishment.

3) visit

The choice of motherhood always requires an early visit. More than information provided by friends or advertisements, you must witness the structure offered by carrying out at least one or two visits. The maternity environment must pass security and more than that, considering that you can spend a few days in the hospital needs to be, if not cozy, Nice at least.

4) dedication and persistence

When talking about the health of the mother and baby dedication in pursuit of motherhood and persistence in the quest for information is essential. Even if we should give preference to maternity wards close, try to fetch data about other institutions a little more away from you as a precaution. If you have access to negative information about motherhood that you chose, you need to select another time. To be safe, always have a “plan B”, after all, among the setbacks, it is possible even to the hospital chosen not have vacancies on the day of birth.

5) the location of motherhood

Taking into account the factor of surprise that your baby can keep deciding to be born before the deadline, you must choose a nearby maternity home, even as an emergency option. In fact, calculate the time spent on the road, mulling the possibility of congestion and alternate routes.

6) health plan support

If you want to use the health plan, find out about the maternity wards and hospitals serviced by your agreement before they even perform the first contact with the accommodation. More than that, be attentive to the details of his plan: the examinations offered the possibility of choice of room, availability of vacancy in UTI, if necessary, and the kind of neonatal follow-up presented. If you have opted for a private obstetrician, inquire about the possibility of refund.

7) the infrastructure of motherhood

When you’ve got tilt for a maternity ward need to scrutinize the structure offered. Then, write down the important questions that you should do:

-Motherhood in question has quality certificates?
-The unit offers features such as ultrasonography and computed tomography?
-Supports analytical laboratory and blood bank and milk?
-For adult and neonatal INTENSIVE CARE UNIT?
-Offers living room area, with structure for anesthesia and resources that stimulate parturition?
-The nursery looks nice, in addition to providing the necessary infrastructure?

8) maternity professionals

The willingness of doctors and other hospital staff is a good indication of its quality. In this case, some themes must be questioned:

​-The Unit presents a multidisciplinary team consisting of OB, neonatologist and anaesthetist?
These employees work in shift?
-There is a nursing staff that is dedicated to the first baby care?

9) the comfort of motherhood

Since there is the possibility of you spend some time in a hospital room, you worry about your comfort. To do so, should give attention to certain points:

-There is safety in the establishment?
-The environments of motherhood look clean and well taken care of?
-Room offers space for visitors, featuring a place for the date sleep and a Chair of breastfeeding?
-The site offers extra services such as registry?

He noted all our tips? Make the lists of hatcheries that suit him and prepare the birth of your baby!

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