How to Choose Smart Watch

The smart watch – it is a handheld device that is able to connect with smartphones and displays messages and to seize some of its functions. The concept of such a gadget existed a long time ago, but only with the rise in popularity of smartphones manufacturers began actively to place such devices. Currently, smart watches differ significantly each other in terms of functionality and sale are available from very simple to very complex models. This guide will help you choose the smart watch – if you find that you need one.

How to Choose

Clock – This is the another accessory, the-selection of which involuntarily the pay attention to appearance. And the if earlier the smart watches appeared the in most, sports a level as the pebble watch, it now can be found variants the in a classic case. They may refer model pebble watch steel and planned for 2016.

Pebble watch

External model pebble steel looks like a classic watch, but most such decisions have a sporty design.

To avoid the additional weight of the additional electronics manufacturers often used in smart watches plastic, but can also find patterns of metal (aluminum or even gold) as in centralledwatch.

Apple Watch Edition

Apple Watch Edition has a corps of 18 Carat gold-and-the-First is the smart watch including with a layout of the-precious metal.

Protection of water

Can the smart watches some be used during, agents, sports, swimming the in particular. the therefore, their housing is waterproof. As a ‘rule, it is a chance to immerse the-device at a depth of 50 m to 200 m. This is evident and the designation of housing 5 ATM to 20 the ATM. Nevertheless, we should note that some models show have eur only protection from rain for (designated as the water resistant), but not from immersion the in water. For daily use this is enough, but the if you plan to engage in water sports note watertight models 5 ATM.


The company Casio is taken seriously by tightness of their models smart watches, some of them can withstand depths up to 200 meters.

For those who think or plan to engage in diving should look for versions resistant to a depth of 200 meters (20 ATM), as this parameter are characterized models of Casio.


The smart watches can have straps hypoallergenic rubber that actually using does the not cause skin for irritation. Besides her manufacturers use leather, plastic and metal straps/bracelets. in most cases straps are universal and they no specific size bed so that a problem with the-fit of your hand be will. Attachment, and of the-size bed straps on the smart watches do not differ from the-standard, so it be replaced can easily.

Samsung Gear 2 Neo

The smart clock Samsung Gear 2 Neo is fitted with a rubber strap that well is fixed at hand.


The smart watches to exist the in versions be with color, the touch screen, and monochrome screens, the-management of which is carried-out with mechanical buttons. Of smooth course, more functional models show appear where displays are the touch while statement models show with monochrome displays have basic functions the. Diagonals of the-brightest displays of watches ranging from 0.2 “to 2” because the clock is often used on the street, important is the ability of the screen remains readable under direct sunlight.

In most cases monochrome displays behave a well the in direct sunlight, thanks to its the high contrast. With colorful things are a little worse, but modern models show manufacturers use screens with the mirror backing an that reflect some of the-light, making the-query display more readable the in the-sun. For example, the screen of the smart watch Sony smart watch can both pass and reflects light, making it well readable even in direct sunlight.

The bigger diagonal query display simplifies navigation through is menus and allows query display of more information. The touch controls menu makes operation more intuitive clock for until the-action the with mechanical keys tab required time to learn. However, models show with mechanical buttons and displays without the touch the layer are more resistant to damage for, while the touch screen can be easily damaged.



The smart watches gradually take contract the over functions the of, sports bracelets, so they can now meet sensors for measuring pulse. Of smooth course, do not work as a well as the-chest heart rate monitors, and show less the credible data all. Currently pulse sensors can meet the-models show the Samsung gear 2, gear live and gear 2 Neo.

Connection with a smartphone

The smart watches can connect with a smartphone using the-protocol the bluetooth 4.0, which has been specially developed the for this to consume less the electricity. The the connection of devices page is performed the in manual & or automatic the mode, by the snap. As a rule, it is necessary to include statement clock for to your smartphone once, then turn bluetooth on, they will automatically find each other.


Regardless of the-universality of the-protocol, bluetooth 4.0, the smart watches are not compatible with an all smartphones. For example-gear 2 the Neo Eur only works basis with devices page of the Samsung, the LG watch, with platform the android, a apple’s watch, – Eur only with the IPhone. But there are universal solutions.

Key Features

The smart functionalities of the watches conditionally can be divided into three categories: basic, intermediate and an advanced. Come detailed the look at the each of them.

Baseline, the category of the smart watches have simple functionality, which provides the-device is switched to a smartphone to receive notifications for incoming the calls or new message the in the-an email, themselves on-screen, clock for not appear. The user can Eur only see the-turkey icon of the- message, to hear the-signal to ring for and feel the-vibration of the his hand, first the in these watches an all these features are positioned as complementary. The interesting features found the in some models show can be mentioned the-ability to manage smartphone, for example, to switch statement to mode, for silent. At models show with basic functionality attributable the smart and the Casio watches watch, Cookoo.

Intermediate a level, the models show the in this the class may be equipped with monochrome or color displays (and not necessarily the touch) that the allow not Eur only to query display notifications for messages, but messages themselves. For example-, you can a read an SMS without you having to remove your smartphone from your pocket or control music playback option directly from your hand. In addition, such models show are based on the open operating systems (the OS) that the allow the-installation of additional clock for application software. This can be as simple applications & such as of weather forecasts and more complex. Can in gadgets such however query display information from applications & side installed on the smartphone. The to such the smart watches attributable the pebble and the Sony the smartwatch.

The smart watches have everything you possess previous two categories, while statement their functionality is similar to that of smartphones. In devices page of this kind use color a touchscreen, and also more developed the, the open to developers the OS. At present, the-most widespread appeared platforms android wear. The OS android wear installed the in the smart watches the galaxy gear in live and the lg the g watch. It allows the-clock for not Eur only to query display incoming the messages, but also to search for information the in the Google, navigation, and also for creating voice messages. Moreover, developers can include statement the in their applications & support android wear, which means that the after installing a program similar to the android smartphone information it will be displayed on the-the smart watch including. This means that the-user will not need to the install and adjust, the-application to watch including. The android wear only works on android smartphones.

The another popular the OS for the smart watches is company the Samsung. It is also used the in models show gear 2 and gear 2 the Neo. This platform supports now working with notification installing side applications (particularly for activities the in the-gym), and also can work as a the wireless headset to receive calls, which is very convenient when driving.

The third platform for the large-scale smart watches have become the operating system in the smart watch apple watch, due out at the beginning of 2016. According to data available to date the functionality of apple’s operating system will greatly resembles the android wear, but will it has unique capabilities such as voice assistant Siri, the possibility of using the clock not only accept but also to transmit messages and also the possibility of purchasing from apple play.

Runtime of the smart watches directly depends on their functionality. in basic models show it may be-up to two years, the after which the-battery can be replaced by the another as ordinary watches. The devices Midrange with a one battery charge can operate-up to seven days, then the a must be recharged. Much worse is the-situation on models show with an advanced functionality that can spend a one charge from 25 hours to 3 days. Thus the-additional features of the smart watches influence Eur only not on price but also on runtime.