How to Choose Table Lamps

Much more than with large furniture, with the lamps, especially those bedside or table, it is possible to indulge themselves looking forms, functions, or special light effects.

How to Choose Table Lamps

For example it is very smile lamp “Collapse” the German designer Hayo Gebauer, who like a puppet stand on and if it falls apart when off (the videos get the idea). No particular technology, mechanics and only an original idea: when the rope that holds the pieces together is stopped at the base of the lamp switch activates the lights.

Elagone“, a design Elomax Agency, is a timber made of solid oak lamp. The LED light contained in the concave shape diffuses a warm light that reflects on the wood in the inner part of the lamp. Available in two sizes, Elagone can be positioned either vertically or horizontally.

The “Bug Light” industrial designer Omer Inbar has the adorable form of a small insect that will keep you company without requiring special care other than a periodic change of light bulb.It is available in three models (spider, praying mantis and ant) and the packaging also has the holes to make them breathe!

The Brazilian designers Lopes Leite Ninho invent Studio and Gabriela Kuniyoshi “Luminaire Post”, a lamp-wall on which recycled Cork shade (whose density creates a pleasant mood light) you can write tickets reminder.

Have you ever heard of retro desktop lamps? Well, it seems to be around for a while’, and not only in science fiction films. In particular, “Silhouette” and “Eclipse” of Crealev , contain LEDs and a technology based on the electromagnetic mechanism, which makes them visible, but also… low-power (also here for the disbelievers there is the videos ).

Areaware of the “Shanty Lamp” designed by Paul Loebach has a structure based on a balance that seems precarious. Temple, firewood, wooden cabin or fort when you were little girls, what you remember?