How to Choose the Ideal Portable Charger Your Smart phone?

Before buying an accessory, user need to consider security-related specifications, capacity and service life

Portable charger ensures that the user does not stay without using the phone during the day.

Every day, the manufacturers offer more powerful batteries on their cell phones. Top-of-the-line models as Galaxy Note 7 reach the load of 3,500 mAh and can remain on for 22 hours in links or 64 hours playing music. Still, the time is not enough for many users, who are unable to use the device before the day is over. The best solution is to use a portable charger to ensure that the smart phone from Areacodesexplorer  continue on when there is taken around.

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Despite having a visual without many differences, the portable charger has important specifications that must be taken into account by the user. The first item to be evaluated is the origin of the battery. Before purchasing, check that the packaging has the seal of approval of the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel). The certificate guarantees the user that the product follows Security standards, as temperature resistance and protection against overload and short circuit.

Then, check the load capacity , measured in Ma-hours (mAh). This information will tell you how much cell phone battery can be charged with the accessory. The ideal is to buy a charger with at least the same capacity of the cell. Thus, the cell phone can get back to 100% even if consuming a full charge.

If the loader offer a much lower load relative to the cell phone battery, will not have such functionality. On the other hand, a high capacity means more cartridges for the smart phone. For example, a portable charger for a cell phone of 2,500 mAh must have at least 2,500 mAh to recharge the appliance. If the attachment has 5,000 mAh will complete two refills.

As well as the capacity, the battery power is another important item. The phone is only loaded if the electric current from the battery is equal to or higher than the power of the smart phone. The value is stated in Watts (W) and can be calculated by multiplying the values in Volts (V) and amperes (A), which represent the power output and energy input, respectively. The information are indicated on the battery, in the charger or in the manual of the mobile phone. The higher the load power, faster recharging the appliance.

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Each recharge, the batteries suffer wear and tear of the chemical elements in your interior. So, the Chargers have a limited amount until the battery runs out. The measure used to determine the useful life of a battery is the number of refills, also called cycles.

To prevent the laptop charger has a very large reduction potential of the battery, the ideal is to recharge it only when your energy is completely drained. In this way, the attachment doesn’t spend cycles unnecessarily. There is a simple way to check the amount of power a battery still possesses. In this case, the most recommended is to acquire a charger with a display that shows the charge remaining.

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