How to Choose the Jeans

The jean is unconditional wardrobe. You’ve probably already open your closets and yet you do not wear and are still wondering what are the tips to know before you jump into buying such a piece. Follow my tips for the perfect jeans!

 1. Investing In Jeans

Buying jeans is important when building a wardrobe. I advise to avoid buying your jeans online or in a large teaching but rather to buy from a brand specialized denim as Acne or APC. Enjoy quality denim and a nice cut. Allow at least 100 euros for the purchase of jeans that range.

How to Choose the Jeans

2. Beware effects “Whiskers” and effects “used”

This is one of the business assets of some brands like Diesel or Time of Cherries, I mean the “whiskers” scratches or faded effects see worn. Unless they are very light,do not choose jeans for this tendanc e. One, because it’s a bit old fashioned and two, because these details do not show off. Rather enjoy a nice raw canvas that will wear over the years and has a slimming visual effect.

3. What Color to Choose?

There are several basic jeans in a closet. I suggest you start with a raw denim jeans (dark blue canvas) and black jeans. These two shades are easy to wear every day and accessorize. Above 40, do not buy white jeans. The light blue paintings may seem to you like a good idea but they are much more difficult to associate. If you choose this color, do not mix your jeans with tops or black or dark accessories but opt for beige and pastels.

 4. The cuts to favor according to your body

As you know, there are various cuts of jeans. Here is a summary of cuts and an indication of which one you should choose depending on your type of morphology.

Slim: The slim is jeans in recent years . It is especially when a thin thighs. It goes for both large and small and the particularity to lengthen the silhouette.

The Skinny: The skinny is even closer to the body as slim for a second skin very rock. It is to be avoided if you have buttocks and is particularly suitable for more petite. Choose low size if you tend to structure lean silhouette.

The basic right : This is a must, a timeless basic. It goes particularly well with generous thighs, and doing tall so your hips are quite wide to emphasize your waist.
The boot cut: The boot cut is narrow thighs and flared from the knees. It is perfectfor rounder because it rebalances the silhouette. Choose it preferably high normal size to keep your tummy.

The boyfriend: The boyfriend jeans is a bit baggy. His mime name that you borrow from your boyfriend. Whether it does or not, it is worn low waist and with heels of preference. It is suitable for all body types, provided the dress of a structured top and mark the waist with a belt.

5. What back pockets choose?

The back pockets can work in your favor or otherwise emphasize a default. So be careful when choosing the jeans model. If you have flat buttocks, it is advisable to choose small back pockets that will give a little volume and avoid models without back pockets. On the contrary if you have well-proportioned buttocks see substantial, opt for a model with large pockets. In all cases, be sure to choose high pockets to “raise” the buttocks, buttocks effect pretty guaranteed! I do not recommend the flap back pockets. They may become wrinkled when you’re sitting and not very aesthetic.

 6. What level combination choose shoes?

Everything depends on the shape of jeans that you adopt. The skinny jeans right through the slim, I advise you to opt for ballet flats or shoes with rounded tips. You can actually afford everything with these types of jeans. Think also of moccasins that will affect “rock” if they are adorned with studs or in materials such as velvet.

For more cuts such as the nose or the boyfriend, think of platform shoes like sneakers in the summer. These styles of jeans, because they are large, are associated with both high-heeled shoes. Whether round or pointy ends, the main one is that women do very. You can also choose the “peep toe” to understand open in summer ends. Bet on the colors like coral or blue king or print such as leopard. The shoe should dress these jeans a bit “casual” (casual).

7. What to wear on top?

Let’s come to the holding as a whole. What to wear as high when you wear jeans?Remember that jeans can be a little relaxed. Unless you are looking to reflect this spirit a little sport, I advise you to associate your jeans of fluids tops in silky materials like silk or polyester crepe. Choose blouses or blouses.

You can also structure your outfit and bring a touch “rock” style with a perfecto jacket. The perfecto is not necessarily leather. If you do not have the budget for a leather jacket, go for simple materials such as cotton, for example. For wiser, you can choose a beautiful man jacket not too tight but short enough to put your height in value.

 8. How to accessorise?

The accessory plays again a key role in your jean outfits. We have already seen step shoes, now go to small accessories such as belts and jewelry.

You can surround your jeans with a thin belt, passing in the jean itself. Buy a thin belt that you can wear with all your jeans. Play on a color such as red or neon colors in the summer to bring a touch fun to your outfit. You can also bet on gold or silver metallic effects.

If you decide to wear a long tunic (careful never below the knee!) On your jeans, either skinny or boot cut, remember to surround your waist to balance keeping. Choose this time an average thickness but with a belt detail as a metal part or a particular attachment. These jewelry-belt will give your look a cute vintage spirit.

Regarding jewelry, wear a nice pair of earrings and a few bangles if you opted for a jewel ceinture- and instead a necklace and a ring if your top is short.

Do not wear too much jewelry, but balance your choices. Mix styles of jewelry, your beaded bracelets may well mingle with large ethnic Creole and your rings semiprecious stones a necklace fabric or resin. The important thing is that e everything is balanced, and there is only one rule for it, looking for the harmony of colors in your choice of jewelry and especially not mix gold with silver.

9. Maintain your jeans

Do not wash your jeans at too high temperature, 40 degrees max. Turn it over and unzip the zippers let through against open buttons.

Some brands recommend wearing your jeans a few times before washing for the first time. A nice jeans are jeans that has lived, he must have been worn and cherished by you!

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