How to Choose the Right Clock for Every Occasion

The primary function of the clocks is to mark the hours. However, they can also give a special charm to the visual. Some models are considered true jewels. Other, perfect for composing a look stripped.

Are you in doubt of how to combine them on each occasion? Know that the first step is to find models that match your personality. Then, check out the following suggestions to rock anywhere!

More sober at work

To work, ideally, you opt for a more comfortable model, but with a touch of sophistication. The metal bracelet and leather are the most suitable.

As the idea is to call the attention, if the bracelet is made of metal with silver that is a little more discreet. In the case of leather, black and Brown are the colors more combine with this environment.

Women might opt for a thinner bracelet. The men, for your time, should always choose the thicker.

Ideally, both stay with the analógios. The display can still be a more classic color such as black, Brown and white. The fewer details it has, so the background of pointers as bracelet, better.

Fun to walk around

In leisure time the tip is to choose a watch lighter and even daring. May have a bracelet made of leather, rubber, steel or metal. The difference to the working model is the color and the design.

For a movie, for example, you can opt for a watch bracelet in lighter colors or prints, which combines with the higher temperatures of the summer. The display can also be differentiated: square or rectangular, for example.

In this case, you can also choose the watches that feature both the digital version as analog. Several brands still invest in different pointers. The secret is to choose what else goes with your style.

To shine in times of feast

The watches can also be extremely sophisticated and even combine in quite formal occasions. Not to do ugly in these moments, the tip is to opt for a classic model, but with a more glamorous.

For the holidays the ideal is to keep the metallic bracelets. The gold for women are most suitable. If they are more thin, even better. Already the display should be more classical and also a sober color.

Women can invest in versions with glowing on the rim or inside, in the display. In this case, besides the yellow gold, the bracelet can be Platinum. Search match with the other accessories to harmonise the look.

Men who both love great watches, with timer, should choose a version with analog dial, Arabic numerals or Roman. The bracelet can be black leather. You can’t go wrong.

In the hour of physical activity

Comfort: this is the watchword when it comes to the clock ideal for exercises at localtimezone. Therefore, choose a model especially suitable for sports. Several brands are expert in the subject.

The first tip is to choose more flexible bracelets made of rubber resistant, which also will support best body sweating, pullback and friction.

Generally watches for sports are digital and some even have such functions as to score heartbeat. Are more expensive, but can help in the exercises.

With all these tips you already know where to start when buying the watch ideal for every occasion. Now, just choose the model that most adapts to your style, check out some options in our online shop!