How to Clean the Collars of Shirts


How to clean a jacket collar, jacket or coat. Sometimes only the neck of a jacket, a coat or jacket dress is dirty. And as the dyers cost a fortune it is important, or even required to clean ourselves these passes. Find out how clean the neck of a jacket, without clean it entirely.

Clean a neck

To clean only the collar

-a bowl

-1 liter of warm water

-a few drops of liquid soap

-the content of one tablespoon of ammonia

-household gloves

-a beveled wooden spatula

-a white and clean linen

-a towel sponge

How to clean only a collar

7 steps to clean up the neckline

1 – Prepare a bowl or a bowl

fill the bowl of water, ammonia and liquid soap

2 – Hands protected by gloves of household,

Soak a clean white cloth in this preparation and then pass on the dirty, col placed well flat, on a towel sponge

3 – Rub little by little piece inside the cervix

with the cloth moistened diluted ammonia

4 – Scrape with spatula

When will form a kind of foam, scratch it with a beveled wooden spatula.

5 – Repeat

Re clean the collar with the cloth moistened water loft then start scraping with the spatula.

This operation can be repeated three or four times… If necessary.

6 – Remove the collar of the cleaning solution

Once the collar is finally well nettoye, pass a cloth moistened with water to remove ammonia.

7 – Dry cervical

Hang the jacket, coat, the dress or jacket on a hanger, if possible plastic.

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