How to Customize the Rubber Boots

In the past, the rain rubber boots were seen almost exclusively worn by children or employees. For a few years they have become much appreciated also by women who have recognized the convenience especially in rainy areas. In most cases, however, the rubber rain boots are boringly plain, little cheerful and sincerely little “personal”. The most colored belong to big brands and not everyone wants to spend a blunder by not particularly attractive to use boots for rainy days.

How to Customize the Rubber Boots

So here are some ideas to beautify the economic of rubber rain boots and make them much more stylish.

Customize with some stickers

And ‘the way for those who love xxl shoes, but it’s not an expert. Buy the stickers with the fantasy that you like or decoupage paper (a little more complicated to apply), glue, brush, scissors, a sponge and flatting.

Cut out the subjects and moisten with water, glue them any way you like on the boots. If you are using decoupage paper make a coat of white glue over the subject and allowed to dry for 12 hours. After the shutter speed past the flatting and left to dry for another 12 hours.

Decoration freehand

To navigate the most artists you can create much more accurate customization. Made before a project on paper to start with copying and know immediately the size and position of the subject. They need color for model, pencil and paint brushes.

Take the pencil drawing, paint the and let dry 12 hours. In the end, to be sure you could spend a fletting wire.

Decorating with glitter

Typically they are chosen to beautify a child boots, but some women might like to small decorations. Surely this is the most simple decoration because you need is one glue glitter.

Decorate with flakes

You can also decide not to paint but to apply bows and strings. Just use a hole belts and create holes in the position you want and insert the color flakes chosen and here you’ll definitely happier boots.