How to Dress During Pregnancy

Towards the end of the first quarter, you will start to feel cramped in your favorite clothes. Quickly, a new wardrobe! Which parts choose to be comfortable? In what subjects? Here are 6 tips to help you do your shopping.

How to Dress During Pregnancy

1) Quality Counts

  • Under the pretext that pregnancy is a temporary condition, many mothers do not want to spend a fortune on a new maternity dress. But beware … If you do not invest a minimum, you may need to buy pregnancy current clothes because they do not hold. You will lose the savings initially. To not go wrong, focus on maternity lines of major retailers (H & M, Gap, Kiabi …) or specialized websites.

2) Promote Comfort

  • For you do not feel cramped, prefer dresses, leggings and tunics that do not constrain the stomach. They are easy and comfortable to wear parts until the last day of pregnancy. Many brands also offer scalable pregnancy jeans, handy the first month. Just make sure the location of seams to not be embarrassed in the stomach. For tops in direct contact with the skin of the abdomen that can tug, opt for soft materials.

3) Avoid the Trap of “all full”

  • To feel to your advantage and improve your figure, do not associate with a high wide loose trousers, or else watch the sac effect potatoes. Mix the forms a little loose tunic go perfectly with leggings.

4) Do Not Forget Your Femininity

  • These overweight, you do not know what to do and you have one desire: to cover up! Make the opposite of your pregnancy to showcase your new forms: a pretty neckline, the buttocks … Invest in one or two nice pieces a bit more refined than the others, they will save you setting where you morning have “nothing to put you.”

5) Think about the Accessories

  • Long necklaces, necklaces, scarves … To boost your pregnancy outfits you wear often, and do not you tired too quickly associate them with different accessories.

6) Go for Underwear to the Right Size Is Important!

  • During your pregnancy, you will take between 1-2 sizes bra. To avoid back pain, you should ensure good support for your breasts. Invest in bras fit your new breasts, you will not feel that better maintained. If you are breastfeeding, they also serve you well after the birth of your baby. For the bottom, panties, thong, thong or boxer … You choose what you find most comfortable. As for pants, just make sure the location of seams.