How to Dress for a Baptism

Be among the invited parents or els, dress for a baptism is not always easy. Follow our tips to find ceremony clothing perfectly adapted to this unique event!

The perfect baptism outfit for MOM

With the child, the parents are on the front of the stage during a baptism. So do pass on any details! If you want to be a Princess a day time, nothing prevents you to dress in a manner coordinated with your child. If wearing a white piece is a tradition for MOM at the baptism, however avoid the total look white, too emotive wedding. If you like very light colors, prefer the off white or ecru. Depending on your style, you can turn to a cocktail dress, a fancy suit or fluid pants associated with a bustier. Side material, lace, silk or organza will dress you elegantly. Are you flirtatious? The christening ceremony is an opportunity to wear your nicest star hats: enjoy!

If you are invited to the ceremony

As a guest, unless the sponsor (in this case, you can dress up as the mother), the goal is not to do the shadow to the parents and the child. Therefore, find a rather sober but elegant lace dress from PHONECATIONS. Ask also about the style of ceremony: If the atmosphere is relaxed way taste birthday at home, you can stay more simple for a reception in a staid place. If you hesitate between two outfits, always opt for the most elegant: better to be too well-dressed that too neglected. Of course, avoid plunging necklines and miniskirts, poorly adapted for a solemn ceremony. When in doubt, bet on a LBD United or pastels worn with heels. If you want to accessorize your outfit, forget the hats, and bet on a nice scarf worn on the shoulders or a fancy necklace.