How to Dress for New Years

I love the holidays of end of the year even though it’s a somewhat stressful time with the search for gifts, composition of the menus for meals, and of course the choice of holiday outfits! Indeed, all I want to do: find the perfect gifts, make a good meal, but also to shop to find the perfect dress ! Indeed, it is the opportunity to wear cute outfits including beautiful evening gowns! But what is the harder it is to find the perfect outfit that we will highlight especially if it is a bit complex! Whatever your silhouette, you’ll find a dress that will sublimate you.

What evening dress to stand out?

In addition to my article on choosing her dress based on its morphology, here are some additional tips to forget its complexes! Indeed, at each resort, a solution! Even if you are complexed, you find a dress that will mitigate them to highlight your assets.

Here are some tips that will allow you to choose the perfect evening gown with my selection of dresses found on the website !

For thin silhouettes evening dress

You can afford all the evening dress so dare bright materials, or satinées, and glitter and flounces, a frou-frous, feathers,… that you will give more volume and will enhance your body, according to

Evening dress to camouflage the tummy

It is often one of the main resorts of women: the belly! To do this, choose lingerie that does not mark and underwear and tights sheathing. Then choose a dress which mold level legs and buttocks, but whose top is more fluid to not mark the edges. Also avoid in high gloss or satin him or touches only.

Evening dress to lengthen legs

If you are complexed by your size, the heels are essential. Also prefer the short dresses that lie your legs.

For the slender silhouettes evening dress

You have the chance to wear long evening dresses that are very classes and you stand out of the other girls of the night. So enjoy!

Dress for small breasts

Opt for strapless or low-cut dresses that highlight your small chest.

Evening dress to camouflage arms

To hide your arms, avoid sleeveless dresses and tube tops. Choose the sleeves above the elbow or 3/4 and draw attention to an area of your body you like. If you have a nice chest, dare the low-cut dresses and accessorize with a pretty imposing necklace to draw the eye.

Evening for the rounds dress

If you have generous curves, opt for straight or fluid dresses with sleeves and avoid too Slinky dresses!

Evening dress to conceal the generous hips

Choose a dress slightly flared at the bottom or right and happens above the knee. Wear with opaque tights and heels to refine and extend the legs.
After the choice of the model and the Cup, deciding the material and colors! This period is synonymous with celebration so treat yourself and dare outfits that you will not necessarily put the rest of the year! So more sophisticated materials such as satin, sequins, lace, chiffon,… and the festive colors like gold, the silver, red, blue night, emerald green,… For the skin dull, opt for light colors that will sparkle and allure for the light skin avoid pastel colors and prefer bright colors such as red for example.

Dare but with subtlety.

Now you know how implement you value and forget your complexes. Discover also the advice Cristina Cordula on evening dresses. You just find your dress or a perfect evening wear. What is your favorite from this selection evening dress? Difficult to choose from with all this choice!

It remains for me to wish a happy holiday and with full of resolutions next year!