How to Dress Skater Dress

This kind of dress is one of those, whose cut I really love. The loop around the neck can be very elegant work, while the shoe choice can make awful lot. Choosing Espadrilles or ballerinas, it is very chic and perfect for special occasions – as in this case a house-warming party. I can however imagine that chucks or sneaker to make a very casual look it in combination with a loose jacket! Maybe even a skater look? Should I post an outfit to do so? It enjoys writing me in the comments.

The silver-colored Espadrilles by Zara are incredibly comfortable, although I must run it a little bit. Are also among the purchases which I myself pretty have annoyed! You know, when buying her something new and it’s a short time later in the sale? Argh. So it was with these cheap sundresses, I hate that! : D The summer sale season you can buy just before nothing… even if it unfortunately never mind.

I also soon start a series of fitness since I’m amazingly strict at the moment, what diet and workouts. More on this soon!

You a nice evening.