How to Find Backpacker Shops and Trails

Making a backpack and trail is an inexpensive and super fun way to travel.

Doing trail and backpacking for a few days in the company of friends or a partner in a campsite in the mountains, on the coast on a summer trip requires special preparation. Choosing accessories, objects and clothing ideal for the type of trip is important to make your ride enjoyable and minimally comfortable.
Carrying the minimum necessary is the first tip to think about, since this type of trip requires objectivity and detachment from superfluous things, since the areas of trails and campsites are usually in places where it is necessary to take a walk before opening the tent, So thinking about a summer or winter outing, in the Himalayas or in Brazil, it’s important that you buy quality products from specialty stores.
Here are tips on where to find stores that have all the equipment for trails and backpacks:

In the old center of São Paulo and in the region of Pinheiros / Largo da Batata there are good stores that sell equipment for camping.

In the, you will find essential bags such as:
– tent – choose one that has good quality, well sewn and is waterproof and fits a minimum of 4 people (comfortable size for up to two people)
– backpack for camping – has compartments Fit to carry what you need to carry
– sleeping bag – there are people who prefer to carry inflatable mattresses, but sleeping bags have the advantage of withstanding high temperatures.
– thermal insulation – used to put under sleeping bag
– tennis / boot suitable for trails

In the stores you will also find objects that you can not miss in your backpack:

Laterna for use in night trails, batteries, led lamps (more economical) to illuminate inside the tent, pocket knife, ropes, canvas, canteen, raincoat, sunscreen, repellent (give preference to those sold in fishing shops , As they are more resistant to various types of insects), compass, sunglasses, binoculars, first aid kit, chlorine (to mix in the water if there is no drinking water), toiletries Natural to avoid attacking nature), sprinkle with alcohol (to cook in case there is no stove).