How to Find the Best Dress for Your Body Type

Winter or summer, the dress is the feminine part of our locker room. Must know how to choose it to highlight our morphology. The dress can indeed become the ally of our silhouette, if you observe a few rules. Explanations.

All morphologies can find the dress that suits them. Indeed, if there is a garment that is not discriminating, it’s the dress. Must know how to choose it to be an ally and so highlight our femininity.

Choose the right cut is the key step to find the dress that will preserve us from the fashion missteps. The basic rule to remember is that the best solution to hide a flaw is to attract look elsewhere and do not seek at all costs to conceal. Concretely, we can correct a little wide hips by opting for a dress with shoulder pads. Conversely Aparentingblog can flesh out slender hips with a floral dress.

Once this rule is well integrated it will also deal with two other data: the choice of print or color and the choice of material. If the little black dress is definitely the model that suits all, print can also come to our rescue for structuring the silhouette. A graphic dress can be a trompe l’oeil smart. Side material, remembered, more shine, more the volume effect is guaranteed, fluid contents fine-tuned while casting him increases. A case of logic finally.

And now discover a video tips to find the dress that we will highlight!