How to Fix Bike Tire with Hole

Sometimes you end up with the bicycle tire to the ground and having to repair, both when it is already back home or even worse when you are taking a tour. There are those who are already easy to fix a tube with holes and who is not, in the last case in this guide, you’ll find the instructions to learn how to fix it, either at home or at the place where it happens to drill without having to bear the mechanic every time. Here’s how to fix a punctured bicycle air Chamber.

The first thing to do is to turn the bike backwards, resting it on the handlebars and the saddle, so it is easier to proceed. We extract and then the air Chamber before removing the tire from the rim, all from one side of the wheel, using the extractors, squeezed between the metal rim of the wheel and the tread. We use the extractors in various parts of the tire, making sure that you engage with them and forcing Ray lever upwards and then towards us, proceeding clockwise.

To locate the hole that was formed we can use 2 methods. The first is to inflate the inner tube and pass it into container where we poured water from the hole we will see out of the bubbles. In the second method we use our lips, whose sensitivity is such that you feel a small puff of air and to detect the leak.

We debunk the inner tube and after cleaning the area around the hole and have it dried out well so that the glue can have much grip, we pass the part with the sandpaper. In this way the wall will become rougher and the patch you will paste better. We now take the patch, after removing the protective paper, leaving the plastic that is over, we spread some glue on patch mostly on the edges. When we have the assurance that the patch has joined and it is perfectly glued, covering the hole, reinsert the tube, placing the valve, and then in reverse order all the indications given above.

As an alternative to changing the air Chamber with holes of a bicycle, you must extract the wheel, flipping the bicycle. Lower the lever of the tyre over the edge of the rim. Take the second tyre lever and do the same at about 15 cm away. This should allow you to slide a tire lever around the circle. Finally, we extract the remainder of the rim of the tire. Otherwise,.