How to Know If a Goyard Handbag is Fake

The history of Goyard seems to be confused with the story own stock. For more than a century the French brand has been producing luxury icons in the luggage and luggage segment of all kinds and is a world reference with its personalized and exclusive items. In the XXI century, Goyard mixes tradition and innovation in the right measure, without falling into the truism of the market and distinguishing itself from other brands with a unique style. Now, if you’re going to spend so much money to buy such a special purse, you’ll want to have the real purse, right? So the question remains: how do you know if a Goyard bag is genuine? In a How We Explain It!

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1 The texture of a Goyard bag is one of the most striking features-and one of the most distinctive elements-of its brand. As the Goyard handbags are hand painted, the texture becomes uneven, not flat. Usually the fake Goyard is made with a printed fabric, thus possessing the flat surface. This is one of the easiest differences to detect when you are trying to discover the authenticity of the Goyard bag. But be sure to read the!

2 Try to calculate the weight of the fabric and the bag, as the Goyard fakes are made with cheaper materials (cotton, vinyl, etc.), which in addition to being heavier also are not usually scented. The authentic ones, in turn, are linen coated with special resins, which makes the original Goyard are charmingly light.

3 Be patient and research a lot. Visit the official website of the brand, get familiar with the models and design of bags and bags, colors and everything. There are counterfeiters who make bags of color that are not even used by the Goyard brand !

4 Pay attention to every detail, including the sewing: Black Goyard bags are sewn in black line, and the colored ones have their sewing done in white line. Again: research, notice the details and know how an original Goyard should be! A Saint Louis pink? Of course not! It can only be false.

5 The packaging of the product is also quite different from the original when the bag is fake. The original Goyard bags come in plain bags and brown, also smooth cartons. And no plastic-covered straps or leather tag attached to the strap: the originals do not come with either.

6 Do not believe in miracles. Goyard bags are expensive,it’s fact. No one will buy them to resell them cheaply, right? Search for the original price of the bag you want and see if there is a satisfactory profit margin on the price offered by your dealer.

7 Lastly, always keep in mind that a Goyard is not found anywhere. There are only 14 retail outlets that have this brand available, four of them in the United States. So, get to know your dealer, pay attention to receipts, so be aware of every detail.

The imitation market is getting bigger, brands like Guess, Burberry and Louis Vuitton are still being imitated every day, so stay tuned!