How to Know if Baby Mama Enough

During pregnancy women worry a lot about their baby’s development so that he is born well and healthy.

How to Know if Baby Mama Enough

When the baby is born, other concerns arise, such as whether the baby is nursing enough.

How do you know if your baby is breast-feeding?

In the first few weeks of a baby’s life, especially when you are a first-time mom, it is common to wonder if your baby is consuming all the milk he needs to grow healthy. Doubt increases further when the little one wants to nurse all the time or does not calm down after a feed.

After the first and second day of life when the baby is drowsy, it is common to appear that he is always hungry, this is because he is probably always hungry, since breast milk is digested quickly because it is produced specifically for him .

After the fourth day of life the baby wants to suck 8 to 15 times a day. At the end of the first week, the number of feedings usually stabilizes between six and eight feedings, which means that the baby sucks every three hours or every four hours.

It is important to say that the interval between breastfeeding, the amount of crying and the time the baby stays in the breast is not enough to measure whether or not he is breastfeeding, because each baby has a different way.

Signs that the baby is nursing enough

The baby suckles six to eight times a day for the first three weeks;

The breasts are emptied and soft after the baby suckles;

After the feeding, the baby seems to be relaxed and satisfied;

The amount of wet diapers begins to increase from the fifth day of life;

The mother notices that the baby swallows the milk, when it is observing it at the time of suckling;

The baby makes yellow-mustard or darker coconut. From the fifth day the stool should begin to clear.

Signs warning that baby is not breastfeeding right

If over time, the baby does not gain weight;

If the breast does not empty after it sucks;

If the baby sleeps during the feeding;

If the baby has dimples or makes noises it is because he is not sucking the right breast and with this, it is very difficult to suckle the right way;

If the baby does not wet the diapers for 24 hours from the fifth day of life;

If from the fifth day of birth the baby does not make coconut every day or does very little;

The baby’s skin and eyes become more yellowish;

If after 3 weeks your face does not become rounded;

The baby’s skin remains wrinkled after the end of the first week of life.