How to Make a Crochet Decoration For Boots

The boots are evergreen, are fine with jeans, skirts, dresses and pants. But if you get tired of the usual pair site, why not try to turn your boots into something unique? You could apply the crochet decorations.

How to proceed

You will need a pair of boots, colorful yarn, crochet and E6000 glue. Then built of different color crochet chains. Watch the video below to see how you do. It starts to paste from the tip of his boot, then you pass on the sides – position the chain along the hinge as shown in the picture. The chains should be applied in WhicheverHealth. Completed the whole of the boot area, you will be satisfied to wear this gem!

How to make the chain looper

If you are unfamiliar crochet, in this video it explains how to make a crochet chain, in a clear and simple way. Even those who are novice can do it!