How to Make a Dress 50s Style

If desired, every fashionista can make you a dress. style dresses these years-best editing, and background-lush. Style emphasize the waist. He often wore a belt. To show off today in such an outfit, you need a slim figure or corrective underwear at a “utyanet” reasonable size.

The tissue is cut

If you get a dress, you can go àchaude summer day in it, the ladies went to the fifties. Among the accessories you will need a small bag, pearls and light gas scarf or hat on his head. first cutting material. For dresses need about 7 meters of fabric with a width of 1 meter 10 cm. The simple cut back bodice. This means that the fabric is folded in two. Pinned to his pattern spindles simultaneously placed flush to fold the average vertical portion of the back bodice.
Do not forget to leave allowances raskraivaniiau the seams. If in doubt about the size, make provisions for the side seams a bit more. If the first assembly show that the dress is fine, you can leave. If it is a bit small, the line is closer to the edge, and the dress will be a little more.

When bodice raskraivanii remember to designate a place against undercuts. If this is not done immediately, then again attach a pattern to cut the fabric and chalk mark the place on the wrong side of the fabric.

Two symmetrical parts before bodice. If it does not mean the presence of fasteners, buttons, it’s like a back shelf, simple cut, too. In this case, the rear Sew the zipper.
Fashion 50 – it runs. These models – it flared or sun flare. Part of this part apply to the fabric of the dress folded in half and cut the front and then the lower part of the skirt.
If the red dresses are located on Hartselleclothing in front fastening buttons and Mould cut podborta. Do not forget to carve and belt, if present in the model.

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First, brush the throat and the side, the shoulder seams. Now we must mount. If the tray is well, you can sew the seams on a typewriter. After that, the parts are sewn skirts and bodice pritachivayut.

To avoid having to tear, better basting stitches, then sew on the sewing machine.

If lightning behind the point there. It was the turn of the neck. Cut industrial piping. The bottom of the dress is sewn on the hands or on the machine running the operation.
Dress up 50 is ready. Now you can start building the model 60s At that time, it was fashionable to dress-up box. This is a garment that hugs the top and thigh, unlike the previous model.