How to Make a Minimalist Wardrobe

Your wardrobe needs a little thinning cure? Try the 333 method and keep your 33 favorite pieces within reach of dressing for 3 months.

Your closet is full of clothes, but you don’t have anything to wear? Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one living this daily paradox. Courtney Carver,

author of the blog Be more with less, found the unstoppable method to always have the perfect outfit in his dressing room. The technique is simple: choose 33 (or less) of your favorite during a season, that is 3 months parts. The ultimate goal of the maneuver? Simplify you your life, and you surround them with only clothes you love. Guaranteed joy.

The method was a resounding success, relayed by the Oprah Winfrey magazine, the BBC or The Today Showsite, very popular overseas.Courtney Carver today lectures at the four corners of the United States to share his tips and tricks.

How to choose its 33 favorite clothes?

First good surprise: there are no underwear (panties, bras, socks, pantyhose,…) in 33 rooms to keep. Getting rid either of everything since he is 3 other seasons and you turn your small dress next summer. On the other hand, exit the clothing that you don’t have for a year, those in which you are not comfortable and those who became too small or too large. Hop! We give or sell.

Colours, neutral is to promote but a pretty print gives the PEP is not forbidden, on the contrary. The goal is to play with accessories: a nice pair of heels instantly transformed a girl working in a fabulous set for the evening outfit.

Unlike Loverists, who recommends to fold the summer dresses vertically for better store them, in harmony, in a drawer, the 333 method leaves you free to store your outfits you like.