How to Make Bracelets

Bracelets are one of the most practical and beautiful accessories that women wear. Hard to find anyone who doesn’t like a bracelet. They are of various types and models, with leather details, rows with metal beads, and the bracelets with metal structure and may be silver plated or not, with various pendants or just a gentle, and the nylon straps with polka dots. 

Make bracelets at home is easy and women can still make some money selling to friends and relatives. Here RRRjewelry will show you how to make colored bracelets and that look great in everyday life.

Line Bracelets

The bracelets are in line, mainly use several together giving a more cool visual. Can be made only with line in a hippie or line with silver or gold accounts. For the line bracelet with beads as follows: rows of embroidery or woollen, like those used to make crochet round silver beads, and buttons.

Cut a piece of thread and fold twice to form 4 yarn, tie a knot in the end to be the clasp, the size needs to be perfect to fit the button. Cut one end leaving only three wires. Make a braid of 2 cm and then start putting the Bills in each line ending the braid. Finalize a piece making a braid with wires without the Bills, to close position the button and tie a knot. Measure the arm before and is ready. Choose colors that you want.

Leather Bracelets

The leather bracelets give more charm and style to visual and can be used with the bracelets.Sometimes wear bracelets of different types and styles that match each other form a great look.To make the leather it is necessary to go to a store that sells parts for making jewelry and buy a piece of the material. Take advantage and buy some earrings or a bracelet interwoven that mimics the silver clasp for the bracelet. Scissors and glue Krazy Glue are also part of the material.

Use the metal bracelet and lattice leather tape inside of their holes, always from the inside out until the end, tie a knot at the ends and cut the leather left over, closing the bracelet itself. If buy pendants just Entwine and paste the clasp at the end of the bracelet with the glue. Use the imagination that counts in time of creating bracelets.