How to Make Fabric Wall Decor?

Sometimes you have a desire to change the whole house, don’t you? But this spends a lot of money. You do not want to enter 2016 with financial problems, but still are eager for a new looking house, so today’s tip is: fabric wall decor.

Apply fabric on the wall is a cheaper option than wallpaper, besides, the application is also much easier. Compared to the painting, it is also better because it’s easier to change and much more durable.

If you have already decided to apply fabric on the wall, now you need to decide what fabric you use. Ideally, you can choose a thicker tissue, at least 70% cotton, and this will greatly facilitate to apply because the fabric is more adherent.

Ideally, you choose a waterproof fabric so that it is easier to clean. The fabrics with detailed drawings should be given special attention at the time of application, and you have to pay attention to fit the drawing when it is put on the track of fabric next to one another.

Today there are many special fabrics for decoration of walls, and specialized professionals in service. But the application of the fabric on the wall is so simple that you needn’t professional help.

You can put the fabrics which has more sober colors and prints on the walls of the living room and the master bedroom, but you can also find children’s themed fabrics to replace the much-used wallpaper.

In the application, some people use a single piece of fabric, others prefer to cut or buy the fabric into strips. For those who prefer the one-piece, the ideal is to use small nails to make the application.

The way of making application of the fabric and the wallpaper on the wall is the same. The glue you use can be the same, but you can paste the fabric until is almost dry. If the glue is still very wet, the fabric will absorb all the glue and will get soaked; besides it get ugly, stained and not going to work right.

The wall decor with fabric is a great option for those who live in a rented house because it make less damages to the wall than the wallpaper. And it is also better than putting pictures, because you don’t need to stick.

But you should know that everything applied on the wall will get away and make some damage to the wall. But if you don’t choose the fabric, the money spend on the wall after recovery is much more, so the best option is to apply fabric.

There are various types of fabric and pattern. Your home will stay with a new look without having to spend a lot and much work. If you want a new year with a new and modern house, the best choice is the fabric.

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