How to Make Flounce Skirt

Pleat is a piece of cloth, cut a circle and sewn hem skirt or dress. It creates an attractive subtle ruffle skirt bottom. It Dress which has a variety of casual skirt. You can make a flounce of different length and short flounce more ruffled flounce seems longer flowing look. Skirt length can vary from a mini-length. You can also mix and match colors and patterns on the skirt and march on the reservation. See uniquely your own.



  • Measure the hips and measuring tape. To measure the length of the waist without a flounce skirt.
  • The two rectangles out of the fabric with scissors. Each half of the width of the hip measurement plus 1-1 / 2 inches. Each length skirt plus 1-1 / 2 inches in length.
  • Place one rectangle in the other, the right side together.Sew the rectangles together along the side seams in the sewing machine 1/2-inch seam allowance.
  • Fold the upper part of the skirt 1-inch right opposite each other. Sew a place close to the bottom edge, to create a channel elastic fold. Leave a 1 1/2 inch hole behind the skirt.
  • Measure around your waist. Cut into a piece of elastic waist plus 1 inch.
  • Pin a safety pin the elastic to finish. Push the elastic opening behind the skirt and around the channel created. Remove the safety pin.
  • Overlapping elastic 1 inch and sew it together. Baste the opening to catch the skirt.


  • Fold the pleats the fabric in half lengthwise on the right side together.Fold it in half width ways. Cloth folded in quarters, four layers thick. Pin the layers together to prevent movement.
  • Measure the hem of the skirt all the way around.Subtract 1 inch measuring and distribute 6.28.
  • Measure the folded corner of the distance determined in step 2. Make the fabric with chalk. Repeat this several times in the corner curved model. Draw a line connecting points chalk the creation of a quarter circle. Also see:
  • Measure the length you want the same angle flounce. Add to step 2 Plus 1-inch seam allowance. Make the fabric with chalk. Repeat this several times to create a second arc, this is one of the great and its surroundings: the first arc. Chalk to draw a line connecting point higher quarter circle.
  • Cut along the curved lines through all four layers of fabric scissors. Remove and unfold the circle.It should look like a large donut.
  • Fold the edge over the outer perimeter of 1/4 inch sides facing each other. Fold over another 1/4 inch. Sew the hem in place a sewing machine.
  • Fix the hem of the skirt inner circumference of the right side of the flounce against each other. Sew the skirt flounce border with the sewing machine 1/2-inch seam allowance.