How to Make Jewelry With Stones

The jewelry is a kind of prop used by men and women for a long time. In the Paleolithic era, for example, which is the historical period dating back approximately 2,500,000 years BC, wore necklaces and bracelets of stones, shells and animal teeth. From there the Bijouterie acquired several symbologies, such as belonging to a particular tribe, indicative of material possessions, a reward for achievements and challenges, among others. Today the pieces of jewelry still have a social status and weight, especially if them guys gemstones are applied (in this case shall be considered pieces of jewelry store), but it is more usual to use simply as accessories to embellish. You can find jewelry everywhere, with different shapes and prices, but it would be more interesting if you did your own pieces, right? One of the most used materials is the stone in this arrigo Our site, teach you how to make jewelry with stones. It’s pretty simple and pretty!

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Make jewelry with stones is nothing complicated and you will only need a few materials. They vary depending on the technique that you intend to put into practice, but the most used Basic and are as maternity jewelry featured at

  • nylon string or wire;
  • Stones for jewellery or stones with a hole in the middle (to pass the wire);
  • Scissors or pliers;
  • A zip type jewelry.

Regarding the type of jewelry you can choose to make a necklace, a bracelet, earrings or a ring. The design is at your discretion, however in this article we teach the most basic outfits, so you learn more easily. The size and color of stones may be chosen to your taste and depending on what you want-a piece of jewelry more showy or more discreet.

To make a necklace of stones, start by arresting one of the two parts of the close to a piece of nylon cord with approximately of 50 cm in length and insert the pebbles in it. Make sure that the wire is not too thick, otherwise you can not enter right into the rocks. Go by entering multiple, equal or not, and when you think you’ve got a good length, pick carefully at both ends of the wire and put the collar on your neck in order to get an idea of how it will be. If you are long over, remove some stones, but if you’re too short, add more. When you’re finished, attach the remaining part of the clasp to the other end of the nylon line and you’re done! To get a necklace like the one in the image, simply create more two necklaces with slightly different sizes and hold all of them in the buckle.

If what you want to accomplish is a stone bracelet, be aware that the process is similar to the necklace. Thus take on a piece of nylon cord with about 20 cm in length and attach it to a half of the clasp. Start by inserting various stones on the wire until the required length and, for you know it already reached or not, take the two ends of the wire and place it around your wrist. When you are finished building your bracelet, gift with a firm knot the other half of the clasp to the tip of the wire where I was inserting the stones. Finally, make sure that both ends are properly attached to the clasp for the bracelet not dissipating.

There is also the option of making an earring, and in this case the process is different from the previous ones. If your idea is to do an earring of fashion and fine glamorous as the next image, gather the following materials: rhinestones or stones with one side flat, transparent PVC sheet, glue, scissors and spangle accessory to hold the ear, as pressure clip. Start by practicing as a aims to the arrangement of the stones on the earring and cole, one by one, the stones on a piece of PVC sheet. Wait to dry for 1 to 2 hours and then cut out the VINYL around the stones, in order to eliminate the excess. Finally, paste in back (directly in PVC) sealing system.

Finally, in the category of jewelry with stones have the rings, that are probably the most simple to make. To make a stone ring you will need a wire of a color to your choice, which must take the form where you want to place the finger ring. Do this by wrapping the wire around the finger. If it is a thick wire, two laps will be enough, if thinner should roll to achieve a consistently. Then place the stone, which need not have a hole inside, next to the wire you just created and secure it by wrapping the wire in it. Give how many laps are necessary to ensure that the stone be securely held and when finished, wrap some wire hooked up and cut the remainder with a cutting pliers.

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