How to Make Necklace at Home

Always looking for unique and original accessories? Unleash creativity with necklaces DIY with pearls, precious stones, colored wires, chains and recycled materials. With a little patience and some ideas you can turn your passion for fashion accessories in a fun hobby!

How to Make Necklace at Home
If you’re a creative and talented person with chores, you might find your new passion in necklaces DIY. A necklace may be the key piece in an outfit,  making it original and full of character. As the very term used in English “statement necklace”,  a beautiful accessory around the neck can make your place a “declaration” of who you are or the image that you want to give a unique look. So what could be more unique if not a necklace personally made with your own hands? The nice thing is that it takes very little effort, few materials and just lots and lots of creativity! Let’s see how to create beautiful necklaces DIY!

All you need is the baking soda and lemon. Take a teaspoon of baking soda and place it in a bowl, then spremetegli lemon above. At this point the two ingredients react with each other, pass a few minutes until the mixture is liquid. Then applied the liquid obtained on teeth or with a cloth, or cotton.

What do you need to get started

The materials that are used to create necklaces DIY are very few and probably you already have them at home. Almost all the projects serve the classic scissors, the wire cutters pliers with flat or round tip (there are specific to create jewelry but also to start is fine one found in the tool box dedicated to electrical work … after more and wires speaks), quick-drying glue (for certain work fine also the gun with hot glue), nylon thread, sewing needles of different sizes. It is always good to do then the basis of parts for jewelry more common as rings, chains, hooks, closures and terminals, but these can also be purchased specially once you have chosen the type of necklace to do.

Where to find accessories necklaces DIY

Prior to loot shops, take a look absolutely inside your drawers. The most unusual materials may be transformed under our creative eye in perfect accessories to add to our collection: the art of recycling is the basis of necklaces DIY. Besides converting accessory to fashion the most unthinkable things, you can also revive some old accessory that no longer use: just break it down and reuse the parts that we like in a new series. Maybe they do not go out of fashion long necklaces to more laps, but those colored pearls are your favorite? It will be enough to cut the chain and replace the materials of a new, more support to our taste. The web is full of retailers for necklaces accessories DIY as HobbyPerline, ArtBijoux and FantasyCraft, but there are so many materials even in haberdashery neighborhood and in stores in the sale of costume jewelery components, given that this hobby is becoming increasingly popular .

DIY necklaces with pearls

Necklaces DIY easier to do are the ones with pearls: why? Just get some beautiful pearls, insert them with a needle along a strong thread and without too much effort you’ll have a beautiful necklace. You can reuse old lines of classic pearls that you inherited but that is really difficult to wear, or colored beads and various materials such as wood, wool, metal or polymer clay. In addition to the classic single wires it can be made  beaded braids very original and ethnic flavor, playing with colored thread and contrasting beads alternate with other materials.

Necklaces do you do with semiprecious stones

Between a crystal found on the beach and several laps in small shops have racked up several hard stones that needlessly fill bowls in your home… Why then not always bring it along to the neck mounting them in a necklace DIY? No need necessarily having to pierce the stone, whether it would be the best solution to avoid the risk of losing it, but there are several quick and easy solutions. Obviously, the choice should be made according to personal taste, but when it comes to matching precious stones with metal frames, the rule is that the gold is very fine with colored stones and silver works more on dark stones, as gray or black. One of the simplest ways to create a DIY necklace with unbleached hard stones is to wrap the stone with a metal wire for several turns in the upper part of a surface that has been previously wet with quick-drying glue, so as to create a kind of cage to hang on to our chain. Or to leave the cleanest hard stone you can paste the small hooks on both ends with glue or tie ourselves around a rubber thread or skin for a more rustic flavor.

Necklaces DIY: the tutorials

The best tutorial for necklaces DIY can find them mostly in the personal blog of enthusiasts of this hobby that, in most cases, it did work, perhaps with an account-shop on internetages, a showcase not to be underestimated for look for ideas. Pinterest is definitely the place where you will find the most fashionable ideas, tutorial with images that will guide you step by step in creating your DIY necklace. But if you think you’ve had a super creative and original idea, you just open a blog or even account to you, share your tutorials and maybe become the next trend-setters in the field necklaces DIY!