How to Make Vintage Style Headbands

Hi all, glad you find on our Blog DIY. The Headband is a must-have accessory to be at the top this summer. There is something for everyone: whether you have short hair or long, you can achieve real little jewels for your head… Inspired by a retro style for this DIY headband, I invite you to discover how to make a headband step by step.

This DIY headband to:

  • Fabric 80 cm long maximum,.
  • A pair of scissors,
  • The threadand a needle or sewing machine,
  • Electric wire wrapped 120 to 160 cm drop (max).
  • A wand / stick (optional).
  • Adhesive,.
  • PS:there are practical stitching kits.

Start by cutting a strip of the length of your head size by adding 10 cm for the margins:

  • To make a headband for adult: 65 cm long x 8 cm wide around.
  • To make a headband for child: 55 to 60 cm long x 8 cm wide around.

Turn the fabric side back, fold it in half.

Track of the Ribbon

On the back of the fabric: realize pencil a path as in the example above. This slightly triangular shape is purely aesthetic. You can also just leave such tissue what.

Sewing of the headband

Taking the step of sewing. Hand or with a sewing machine, stitch on the length of the fabric, then sew one of the sides. The opening of the second side will serve to introduce the wire in a next step.

Tip to return a seam to the place

Please have your wand, hold the tip of your DIY headband, then enter your wand inside.

Push the fabric so you can see the end of it to the place.

When you see the end of the fabric returned (to), simply pull the rest by hand.

You get a band in the place like this.

Realization of the wire frame

Having at disposal of electric wire falls, I proposed to reuse it. But, if you do not power on hand, or favorite wire equivalent, you can use the wire the wire for gardening or aluminium. The main thing is that it is resistant and flexible at the same time.

So fold the wire in half.

Enter the inside of the headband.

Your headband takes shape.

Before you sew your fabric, leave a margin of 5 to 6 cm of wire on each side.

Curl the two stems so that the fabric can cover them up when sewing.

After you adjust your fabric and your two pieces of wire, tape them together.

Your frame is complete.

Sewing and finishing

After having propped up your frame inside the headband, finish your accessory by a folding tip.

Stitch all using your needle and your wire. It’s over!

So you get this.

The advantage of this vintage  headband is that you have a frame both rigid and flexible, you don’t need to tie knots, you simply twist the two ends together and well tighten around your head.